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War Thunder

Postby BFenix » Sun Mar 17, 2013 8:46 pm

You think World of Warplanes is cool? You haven't seen shit until you try out this pearl of awesomeness by Gaijin. The most beautiful, fun and balanced arcade-ish simulator out there.


Seriously. It's WAY superior to World of Warplanes. I've heard people say it's different. I don't agree. The subject, feel and gameplay of both games is exactly the same. Except War Thunder accomplishes this with better graphics, effects, controls, camera, mission objectives, targets, maps and obviously, war planes. I mean, in WT you actually have damaging sections and parts of your plane getting ripped to shreds and scattered through the air, oil/fuel leaks, flaps and ailerons damage, pilots going unconscious due to extreme G maneuvers. All this while you get an amazing feeling of accomplishment when mowing down an enemy in your sights with your battery of machine guns and cannons roaring and blistering the skies with spent cartridges of ammunition!

Not to mention Gaijin is combining all three branches of modern warfare into one game. Air, Ground and Sea.

If you guys care to join me in glorious airborne mayhem, add me to your friends list. BFenix.
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