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MOC Colour Scheme Thread

Postby Natalya » Tue Nov 01, 2011 9:46 pm

Okay uhh, so many of the posts in here are random people making random stuff, but occasionally some people make a unified military force or whatever of some kind that gets popular enough that other people start to copy their units. What this thread is for is to provide a place where people can list out the colour schemes for their factions so that someone wishing to copy someone else's army or ships or stuff can know what colours to use and what colours not to use.

I will start off with my guys for examples.

Assyrian Star Empire Vehicles

- Primary Colour = White
- Secondary Colours = Grey, Dark Grey
- Trim Colour = Dark Red
- Detail Colour = Black
- Glass Colours = Clear, Transparent Dark Blue, Transparent Dark Grey
- Detail Glass = Transparent Red
- Energy Colours = Transparent Light Blue, Transparent Pink

ASE Soldiers:
- Body = Orange
- Arms = Orange
- Hands = Black or Red
- Helmets = White or Red
- Visors = Black or Transparent Light Blue
- Pants = Black
- Accessories = Black or Blue or White

ASE Commandos:
- Body = Blue
- Arms = Blue
- Hands = Black or Red
- Helmets = Black or Red
- Visors = Black or Transparent Light Blue
- Pants = Black or Black + Blue Belt
- Accessories = Black or Blue or White

Czecho-Slovenian Republik Vehicles:
- Primary Colours = Light Grey, Red
- Secondary Colours = Grey, Dark Grey
- Trim Colour = N/A
- Detail Colour = Black
- Glass Colours = Clear, Transparent Dark Grey
- Detail Glass = Transparent Red,
Orange Transparent
- Energy Colours =
Orange Transparent, Transparent Light Green

CSR Commandos:
- Body = White
- Arms = White
- Hands = Black
- Helmets = White or Grey or Black
- Visors = Black or Transparent Light Green or Brown
- Pants = White + Black Belt
- Accessories = N/A

CSR Super Commandos:
- Body = White
- Arms = White
- Hands = Black
- Helmets = White or Grey
- Visors = Transparent Light Blue or
Orange Transparent or Black
- Pants = White + Black Belt
- Accessories = Blue
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Postby enders_shadow » Tue Nov 01, 2011 9:57 pm

Hmm... Ok.


Primary Color: dark bley
secondary color: light bley
Highlights: tan, black
Glass colors: smoky glass/ clear glass
energy types: Green Transparent

Paladin Corps Troopers
Space Police III torsos+ legs
tan arms and hips
black aviator helmet (with black visor for elite troops)

Paladin Corps Rangers
SPIII torsos and legs
sand green arms and hips
sand green indiana jones hats

Paladin Corps Paratroopers
indiana jones 'german' body
tan legs
dk bley arms+ hips
black aviator helmet

Paladin Corps Pilots
New tan jedi bodies
dkbley arms+hips
tan indiana jones hats
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Re: MOC Colour Scheme Thread

Postby OneEye589 » Tue Nov 01, 2011 10:45 pm

UPA Vehicles
- Primary Colour = Light Grey
- Secondary Colours = White
- Trim Colour = Black
- Detail Colour = Black
- Glass Colours = Transparent Brown
- Energy Colours = Red

UPA Soldiers
- Skin = Peach
- Body = White
- Arms = White
- Hands = Black/Peach
- Helmets = Blue
- Visors = Black
- Pants = Blue
- Accessories = Black

UPA Special
- Skin = Peach
- Body = White/Red
- Arms = White/Red
- Hands = Black
- Helmets = White/Red/Blue
- Visors = Black/Transparent Brown
- Pants = White/Red/Blue
- Accessories = Black

Space Viking Vehicles
- Primary Colours = Dark Grey
- Secondary Colours = Black
- Trim Colour = Black
- Detail Colour = Dark Red

Space Vikings
- Skin = Any but peach
- Body = Dark Grey/Brown/Black (Must have shiny silver scales of some type [not chainmail])
- Arms = Black/Dark Grey
- Hands = Skin/Black
- Helmets = Black/Dark Grey/Black
- Visors = Dark Grey/Black
- Pants = Dark Grey/Black/Brown
- Accessories = Dark Grey/Black/Brown/Shiny Silver
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Postby Elmagnifico » Tue Nov 01, 2011 11:27 pm

Gamma Corps Vehicles
Pre-Fico: White, Black with Red accents
Post-Fico: Gray, Black, with Orange or Red accents

Gamma Corps Troops
Torsos: Red, Black or Gray
Legs: Blue or Black
Helmets: Black or Red builder hardhats, racer helms

Gamma Corps Special
Torsos: Blue or White
Legs: Black or Gray

Gamma Corps Sand Phantoms
Torsos: Tan Adventurer/Mummy's Curse
Legs: Black or gray

Energy Aura
Light Green
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Postby Lord Mercat » Tue Nov 01, 2011 11:42 pm

Good idea, I'll just post the Space Bandito Color scheme here and the units I have posted thus far up here and add the others later as I finish them:

Space Banditos
- Body = black
- Arms = black, or red
- Hands = yellow
- Helmets = Black Sombreros (brickwarriors)
- Pants = Black or Red
- Accessories = Black, red or White Bandanas, (Grey pauldrons for Brawlers.)

Dominion Basic Troops/Heavies:
- Body = Black
- Arms = Black
- Hands = Grey
- Helmets = Clear Mr Freeze Helmet
- Pants = Black
- Accessories = Grey
-Armor= Gunsteel/Grey
Heavys Only:
Trenchcoats- Black

Templars (Officers)
- Body = White
- Arms = White
- Hands = White
- Helmets = White Astronaut
- Visors = Trans-Yellow
- Pants = White
- Accessories = White
-Trenchcoat- White

- Body = White
- Arms = Grey
- Hands = Grey
- Helmets = White Aquazone
- Visors = Pearl light Grey Knight Visors
- Pants = White
- Accessories = Black or White or Grey or OT

- Body = Black
- Arms = Black
- Hands = Black
- Helmets = Plain Black UFO
- Pants = Black
- Accessories = Black or Grey

- Body = Black
- Arms = Black
- Hands = Grey
- Helmets = Grey
- Visors = RT
- Pants = Black
- Accessories = Grey, Gunsteel or RT
-Trenchcoat= Black

- Body = Black
- Arms = Black, Dark Green
- Hands = Black
- Helmets = Black
- Visors =Black with OTstud
- Pants = Black
- Accessories = Black and OT

Amaranthine Order Units: TBA
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Postby Porphyrogenitus » Wed Nov 02, 2011 12:30 am

Basilikoi - Three main vehicle colors: Black, Light Blay, Dark Blay. The predominant infantry color is black. Occasional gold trim for decoration (especially visors and epaulettes on officers), and purple for things related to the imperial family. All their troops are yellows.

Hetairoi: black legs and helmets/visors, dark gray backpacks, and Space Villain torsos. The Porphyrogenitus swaps in purple arms and gold-decorated legs, along with officer-style gold visor and epaulettes.

Stratiotes: Blacktron I kit (all black) with the exception that they replace the old air tanks with brown backpacks, and their officers replace the Blacktron I torso with the Wrench Blacktron I.5 torso.

Scout-Snipers: All black (with added black cloaks) except for the old Endor Luke Skywalker camo torsos.

Assault Teams: All black (any black torso will do, since it's under a black breastplate) with the Space Villain helmet (with black visor).

Commandos: My most colorful unit I think, since they have lots of gray (Lego Studios stunt man torsos and gray balaclava heads with dark gray backpacks).

Naval crewmen: Black and white with some neon-green (they use Blacktron II torsos, black legs, and white helmets with black visors).

TLDR: Infantry wear lots of black, with gold trimmings for officers.
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Postby Bragallot » Wed Nov 02, 2011 2:41 am

Neo-Prussian Empire

- Black, every Grey, Every Blue
- Energy Colours = Transparent Yellow, Transparent Blue

- Uniform = Black (Standard), Sand Blue (Elite), White / Light grey (Pilots, officers), Dark Grey (Officers), Tan / Brown (High Officers), Any (Specialists, Cyborgs)
- Helmets = Black (Infantry), White (Navy)
- Visors = Transparent Light Blue (Standard), Transparent Yellow (Pilots, Higher ranks)
- Accesories: Yellow, Blue and White Epaulletes / Capes
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Postby Ben-Jammin » Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:18 am

Calvarian Empire Vehicles:

Primary = Black
Secondary = Red or Dark Bley/Gray
Energy Colors = Transparent Red or Orange Transparent

Calvarian Infantry:

Torso = Usually dark bley/gray, some black
Arms = Black
Hands = Black or Dark Bley/Gray
Legs = Black
Helmets = Black
Visors = Some units have trans-black visors

Commandos and Scouts:

All black, except for scouts which have red visors and some red torso pieces.


All black except Red torsos

Command: Dark Gray or Black, with epaulets of various colors.

Kuragin Vehicles:

Primary = Green
Secondary = Black, Tan, or Gold
Energy = None

Kuragin Infantry:

Torso = green
Arms = green
Hands = green
Legs = black
Helmets = green
Visors = none

Spec ops:

All green, except for dark gray torsos


Brown or dark tan torsos, pants and hats, with epaulets of various colors.
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Postby Zupponn » Wed Nov 02, 2011 3:48 pm

Zuppponn Mining Co.

- Primary Colour = Black
- Secondary Colours = Green Transparent

Mercenaries (Primary Troops):
- Body = Black
- Arms = Black
- Hands = Black
- Helmets = Black
- Visors = Green Transparent
- Pants = Black
- Accessories = Black and Green Transparent
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Postby Ross_Varn » Wed Nov 02, 2011 4:58 pm

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Postby NapalmKing » Wed Nov 02, 2011 4:58 pm


dark blue
if it is a charachter it can be any color he/she/it would be a convert to their religion

dark blue
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Postby Robot Monkey » Wed Nov 02, 2011 5:12 pm

The Republic of Independent Nations:

Colors before war with the immortals:

Colors after declaration of war on the immortals:

Older vehicle colors:

Newer vehicles and updated vehicle colors:

Black, with bits of red

Red/Black, with bits of gray

Black/Red, with the occassional part of gray
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Postby Colette » Wed Nov 02, 2011 9:47 pm

Trattorian Vehicles
- Primary Colour = White
- Secondary Colours = Dark Grey, Black
- Trim Colour = Light Grey
- Detail Colour = Yellow (for explosives only)
- Glass Colours = Trans-Smoke (majority), Trans-Dark-Blue, Trans-Light-Blue, Clear (Microspace only)
- Detail Glass = Trans-red
- Energy Colours = Transparent-Orange (for missile cones), Trans-Neon-Green

Trattorian Infantry:
- Body = Dark Grey
- Arms = Dark Grey
- Hands = Black
- Helmets = Black
- Visors = Black
- Pants = Dark Grey
- Accessories = Black

Trattorian Marines:
- Body = Black/dark grey
- Arms = Black/yellow
- Hands = Black/yellow/dark grey
- Helmets = Black
- Visors = Transparent-Smoke
- Pants = Black
- Accessories = Black

Trattorian Star Commandos:
- Body = White
- Arms = White
- Hands = Black
- Helmets = White
- Visors = Transparent-Light-Blue
- Pants = White w/ black hips
- Accessories = Black

The rest are small elite groups not worth putting on here.
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Postby Keldoclock » Wed Nov 02, 2011 9:49 pm



Green Army Men with yellow skin and hands.

Scouts: Green Army Men with berets.

SpecOps: Anything that could be construed as camouflage or the Dino Attack guys.

Elite Guard: SpecOps with a red Brikforge Pauldron.

Camo, mostly dark green and brown, with bits of regular green sprinkled in.
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Postby SnakeMittens » Thu Nov 03, 2011 8:40 am


Black. Everything is black with trans-red highlights. Other colors are ok as long as they aren't very visible and you need them for a connection.

Click Here for an example
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