Ker-triage! And Creatures.

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Re: Ker-triage! And Creatures.

Postby stubby » Thu Jan 17, 2013 2:19 pm

Alternately: for each limb, device, or part grafted, the Biomechanik rolls once on the Ker-Frankenstein table. Same as the Medik, a properly equipped Biomechanik rolls 1d8, an improperply equipped one rolls 1d6, and each assistant increases the die by one size up to 1d12.

1 The creature turns on its creators.
2-4 Something goes wrong. Roll for results.
5+ The part is attached successfully.
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Re: Ker-triage! And Creatures.

Postby pkbrennan » Sun Dec 08, 2013 6:21 pm

I like the latest idea best for a Ker-Frankenstein! table.

As for the "Something goes Awry" subtable, it should only have a handful of options to keep it slim and not slow down the game much at all. I am thinking four or five at most.

1. (critical failure) It runs off and joins the other team (opposing player now takes control of that unit until the end of the game or until it is killed)
2. The brain used was "Abby Normal's". It has a half-mind and is submissive, as per horses...
3. Something went wrong with its dexterity. Skill becomes 1d6-1
4. Something went wrong with its speed. -1 Move (so 4" instead of 5")

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