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Re: Pre-Made Animal Stats Thread

Postby Voin » Fri Apr 18, 2014 11:09 am

IVhorseman wrote:Of course, but it's particularly thematic with crocs. I'm not sure if there's any rules prohibiting them from sprinting while using their non-primary move speed, but if there is then crocogators would definitely be an exception.

No objections here - who doesn't want to see an unsuspecting 'fig get turned into Florida fertilizer?

Ugh, I am not fully awake yet over here. I thought I had made an error by giving a half-mind creature 1d6 skill, then I realized that's what horses (being animals) have by default, and the 1d4 only applies to zombies and such (like me before I've had my morning caffeine). -_-

Anyway, I re-fixed it now.
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