50 cal sniper?

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Postby IVhorseman » Sat Aug 16, 2008 5:47 pm

actually, in all honesty, if there's people standing in a row, it's too cool for a sniper to NOT be able to do it.

if there's a guy right behind the first guy, flip a coin again. heads AGAIN would be yet another boom-headshot. continue until you run out of minifigs or get tails.
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Postby Greenkey15 » Wed Nov 26, 2008 1:19 pm

THis is what I thought a cool sniper would be:

cost: 4cp Range: 15' UR 4 Dmg 1d6-2

The trooper using the sniper rifle, for a +2 CP cost, can use the Critical hit power: If you roll a critical success when rolling for skill, the sniper has scored a Headshot: the enemy's head is completely blown off

Heroes would get the Crack Shot special attack for +2 cp: Instead of making a normal attack with a ranged weapon, your hero may attempt to use the Crack Shot special attack. The owner rolls 1d6. On a roll of 6, the targeted figure is instantly destroyed, on 2-5, the attack misses. On 1, a critical failure.

The Crack Shot attack is for all ranged weapons because heroes watch so many crappy Western movies that they think they can make an impossible* shot, and, in the end, may actually succeed.

*This is LEGO! Anything is possible
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