Depths of Peril Turn 5

They're all the rage

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Depths of Peril Turn 5

Postby Zahru II » Sun Apr 22, 2012 11:34 am

Blaze - lawmaster

Blaze and the crimson guard paused and waited for a better opportunity to fight, nothing happened.

The Destroyer - Silverdream


'This cavern shall be your tomb!' - yelled the big D as he punched the ground, causing stalagmites to fall.


Bjarn managed to evade being crushed from the falling rocks...


Blaze, on the other hand, failed to deflect the rock...


Which would have pulverized him, if the crimson guard didn't redshirt. Luckily he did, and got crushed instead.

Bjarn - tymon555


Bjarn picked up an irongut axe, and went full berserker on the Destroyer.


But despite his best efforts, he failed to do harm.

Cpt. Illustrious - mgb519


The badly wounded captain desperately grabbed a fallen mug of mad mead, and chugged it as his final drink.


'My, this ale could bring back the dead!' (Feat successful: +1hp) The captain, leaning on his sword, fired at the destroyer, who absorbed the damage with high armor.

Xalen - Falk


Xalen charged towards the Destroyer as well...


... on his way he quickly grabbed the artifact. *Yes! This could give me strength against this weirdo.*


Unfortunately his attack missed.

'PATHETIC!' roared the Destroyer, expressing his disapproval.

Overview and kills:


Elmagnifico: 0
Bragallot/Falk: 2
tymon555: 2
heavyfishcannon: 0 (0 grudge points)
Silent-sigfig: 5
lawmaster: 2 (1 grudge point)
mgb519: 2
Silverdream: 1

Send orders for turn 6!
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Re: Depths of Peril Turn 5

Postby Silverdream » Sun Apr 22, 2012 12:27 pm

None of you will get out alive. In such an occassion as this most men will fall on their swords. :twisted:

Great turn Zahru.

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Re: Depths of Peril Turn 5

Postby Silent-sigfig » Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:21 pm

Shame you didnt come earlier destroyer. we could've worked together to rule the world.
BFenix wrote:
Silent-sigfig wrote: :dog:

Coolest 1000th post ever :D
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