The Anno Collection

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The Anno Collection

Post by Space Bunny » Sun Dec 01, 2019 7:01 am

This is a page for all Anno soaps and factions (so far) to be gathered for easier reading.


Legotovian storyline - ComradeGreen:

[Prologue] The Lights In The Sky Are Stars
You can (Not) Prepare
Unlimited Dirty Works

Minaglacia story line - Space Bunny:

The riches
[Battle] The battle for disagreements and riches!
The portal of... ?

[Battle] Clash of the Plans
Artifakt Atrociousness
[Battle] Artificial Atrocity
The remains
A Helping Hand

Central Sectors storyline - Annoyedzebra

Case Blue
[Battle] Spoiling Attack
Today's News
A close escape
Another close escape
Cosmic Happenings

Orsator Contingency storyline - Lordintype

[Battle] The Raid

Han Khan storyline - Archduke

Like Thunder


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Reichswehr of the German Confederation: State of Brickburg - AnnoyedZebra
The Democratic Republic of Han Khan - Archduke
The Orsator Contingency - Lordintype
Minaglacia - Space Bunny
Bleak Company - Spectral
Kelo Forces Company-Tengus - Pyro

If you would like me to change anything, add something, or something else, please tell me. I'll get to it eventually.

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