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Ajax 4
Alpranius-Elision System
Key Resources
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Controlled By
Coalition of AJAX-4


Key Locations

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Ajax-4 is located in the far "west" of Immortal held space, within the Binary System Alpranius-Elision.

The 4th and largest moon of the large gas giant Ajax, Ajax-4 is controlled by a democratic dictatorship [called The Coalition] lead by the great President Mc'Ballsy.

Pre-VoL Bombardment

Ajax-4 was, for all intents and porposses, a space port on the planitary scale. with agriculture centers for food and tinny towns for a draft stock in the north. Large factorys and military training centers in the middle continent and Space ports in the suthorn continent it The coalition was poised to start its galactic empire.

VoL Bombardment

One day The VoL rolls through Alpranius-elision on their way to an awesome battle, and notice the prospering civilization on Ajax-4. Alas! There was no time to waste on what would have been a pointlessly easy conquest and they felt an orbital smack down was in order. The Vol aim for the biggest and most exploady things on the toddler moon and the Coalition's new Destroyers docked surface side in the south presented them selves shamelessly. in only a few moment the thermobaric munitions were raining and the Vol were allready on their way.

Post-VoL Bombardment

With the Southern continent in irradiated shambles a horrible mutation: named PEACHINESS by leading doctors appears. with the peach hordes controlling the south and spreading the coalition had no choice but to raze the land. thus began the war for Keern [the name of Southern continent].

  • Gonarf. host to The NegaTaint and home of the GREEN RANGES, who launch mighty crusades from their fortress capital of GREENSTOPAL.
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