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Tek Level 6
Influence 52 Systems
TLA, The Police State of Venice, Kingdom of Denmark, Brikthulu, The Third Alliance
Space Nazis, Britannian League, Trattorian Empire, Praetorian Empire, Scythian Empire
Notable People
Kaiser Klaus, Kaiserin Renate, Prinz Karl "Gustav", Prinz Klaus Jr., Prinzesin Amelie

Bavaria is a small, but powerful nation that is able to wield considerable power through military strength and subterfuge. They are a monarchy lead currently by Kaiser Klaus.

A sampling of Bavarian forces

Religions of Bavaria

Bavaria is predominantly Cuthulic, with the first Bavarian Kaiser Arminus having a giant Oktopusika carved into his chest. He and his army would fight completely naked and covered in blue dyes. His traditionalist army of barbarian crusaders and knights triumphed over the nations on Bavaria. Thus the colour blue is said to be a victor's colour, and why most buildings, vehicles, and articles of clothing contain some variant of blue. Also the Oktopustika and BrikThulhu are popular images for Bavarians.

The more religious of Bavaria think of Piltogg as an agent of BrikThulhu because of his Oktopustika token, and like him because he wears a traditional lederhosen under his uniform. However the vast majority of Bavarians still view Klaus as a capable and unquestionable leader of Bavaria.

Aside from Cuthulicism, about 10% of the total population is Jewish. The Jews make up a good portion of the scientific community and the nobility.

Everyday Life in Bavaria

Here's what it's like to be an average Bavarian:

So you're wearing you're lederhosen and eating a sausage with a stein of bier closeby. You've also got a bit of a belly, but that's okay. Certain levels of fat are considered beautiful in Bavarian society, and they're very common as well. You're also probably an inch or two taller, and whatever mess you make by dropping your sausage is quickly cleaned by mobile janitors. Mobile janitors are janitors that are transported quickly through Bavarian megacities to clean up messes. Depending on what world you live on, it's probably pretty crowded. Bavarians are hyperfertile, and many methods of contraception don't work. It's also very common to have twins when pregnant, and average family size is 4-8 kids. These kids will be taught how great and honourable it is to kill and die for your nation in Kindergarten, as well as how to fight with several weapons. As the kids get older, they are taught that Bavaria is the greatest nation and culture in the Brikverse.

As for the culture, the military, physical labour and the nobility are idolized. People take pride in their individual efforts and successes, but they also believe in working to benefit society at whole or the nation. This is why people who are good at mining, drilling or working with their own hands are popular. You may also want to visit a park or forest if you live in a megacity, as they are very well preserved but still open to the public.


Yellow Sector Storyline

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