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Emerian Star Empire
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Fascist Empire
TL 6.5
Assyrian Star Empire

Empryan Colonies


45th Union

Immortal Empire

Kingdom of Denmark,Immortal Empire

Nega abominations

Peach Mutants


Notable People
List of Emerian Characters

The Emerian (Star) Empire and United Commonwealths (and Republics), or ESE, is a Third World country that only recently surfaced in a new Galaxy called the Vipiriath Wheel. It was seperated for eons from the rest of the Brikverse by a mysterious barrier known as the "The Veil." It's greatest weapon is an artifact from the Humans, the Deep Core.


Emerian Military


Emeria's military is vast, to put it lightly. In every single one of their colonies and systems the Emerians can muster a military force to make even the most hardened abomination cringe. But there's always a catch: Emeria's military is behind technologically; still employing rifles and almost Napoleonic formations against modern weapons and fortresses. Thus, in recent decades and clashes with groups like the Assyrian Star Empire, Emeria's military has been quickly adapting to the outside universe, through acquisition of Technology and modification of Tactics.

Emeria's armed forces are divided into two official factions. Those two then split into two more sub factions, those being Law Enforcement and Vehicle Corps for the Army, and Air Force for the Navy.

Army Corps


Emeria's main force is undeniably it's literally endless hordes of rifle wielding, hardcore Soldado (Soldier) Infantry. The Soldado are split into two groups, based on the equipment they were issued in BR 2,013. The Pre-2013 Soldado wear fairly simple armor, and are normally equipped with a Emerian standard issue rifle or SMG. Post-2013 Soldado look kinda like the police from Infamous: Second Son, with helmets resembling what you might find the GSG-9 (German special forces) wearing, with heavier armor, and they are equipped with rifles, LMGs, Snipers, and Rocket Launchers.

The indicator of which 2013 issue an Emerian soldier is determined by the side on which they wear the Brazalete (Armband). The Brazalete is the yellow arm on an Emerian SIBU (Standard Issue Battle Uniform). Post-2013 Soldado wear the Brazalete on their left, and Pre-2013 Soldado wear it on their right.

Whatever the Soldado don't manage to fuck up themselves with just sheer numbers, they rely on their heavy Infantry / Soldado, the Cyclops Mk. VII Power Armored Corps. These soldiers are equipped with weapons both imported from Trattoria or Bavaria, produced in Emeria by Vixen Inc. and Friends, or smuggled out of either lands controlled by the VoL or Immortal Empire, along with hordes of desperate refugees from around the Brikverse, who take pledges to Emeria, and are then inserted into the system, evaluated, and then put in their respective place.

Vehicle Corps

The Emerian military's third main group is the Vehicle Corps, which controls the land based vehicles and transports of the Emerian military. Recently, as with the rest of the army, Emeria's Vehicle Corps has undergone several additions and has been assigned the turrets and artillery recently put into service.


The majority of Emerians appear to worship the Almighty Dice, and the despised minority being Trianglism. Although the Emerians have launched to date, 5 Exalted Marches against Trianglism (Mainly), they have been unsuccessful in eradicating it from their empire. This is the primary reason why the Emerians, despite the Treaty of Atlantia, which forced them into Assyrian "service" (they Assyrians have forgotten this, of course) that the two massive empires don't peacefully coexist.

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