Emerian Empire and United Commonwealths

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Emerian Star Empire
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Fascist Empire
TL 6
Absolutely Fucking Huge Military, Industry, Vixen Inc.
Assyrian Star Empire

Empryan Colonies


45th Union

Immortal Empire

Kingdom of Denmark

Immortal Empire

Nega abominations

Peach Mutants


Notable People
List of Emerian Characters


The Fascist Theocratic Emerian Imperium and United Republics and Commonwealths

The Fascist Theocratic Emerian Imperium and United Republics and Commonwealths, or just Emerian Empire and United Commonwealths and Republics (EEURC), is a massive (and still growing), extra-galactic, Spanish (Empire) based faction that inhabits the northwestern corner of the known Brikverse. Emeria is mostly confined to the Vipiriath due to a massive mysterious barrier called The Veil.

Emerian Military

Brief History

Emeria's military is vast, to put it lightly. In every single one of their Commonwealths, Republics, and Emeria Proper systems the Emerians can muster a military force to make even the most hardened, experienced, and badass army cringe. Emeria uses modern tactics, but instead mainly employs a never ending stream of Soldado and robots, supported by massive amounts of vehicles and Mecha and Hardsuits.

Emerian Imperial Army

The Emerian Imperial Army is the ground based side of the vast Emerian military. The Emerian Imperial Army controls all ground based units in the Emerian military, from the humble Soldado to tanks, robot drones to it's Mecha. The Law Enforcement branch and Imperial Emerian Air Force are also controlled by the Emerian Imperial Army. Anything and everything, from Emeria's drones and mecha, is controlled by Emeria's Imperial Army branch. It controls the Imperial Emerian Air Force and is split into Army and Vehicle corps.

Emerian Imperial Navy

The Emerian Imperial Navy is the official Emerian Navy. It controls all military and maritime Naval activity in Emeria Proper and it's Commonwealths and Republics. The Navy is he body that has seen the most improvement during the Emerian Re-Armament Program, going from Dragonheads to modified Vendettas and even the construction of a Space Champion. It continues to develop.


The majority of Emerians appear to worship the Almighty Dice, and the despised minority being Trianglism. The religious war between the Dice Papacy and Trianglists began after the Atlantian War, with the Atlantian Treaty which saw Assyrian forces coming over to Emeria and setting up shop. With them came their hated religion, and the main cause of riots and such action in Emeria is over religious disputes between the two groups.

Another large chunk of Emeria follows the worship of Cthulhu, but are laughed at for not being Dice worshipers and like of Magical Girl animes and other such weeaboo garbage.

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