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Emerian Star Empire
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Fascist Empire
TL 6
Absolutely Fucking Huge Military, Industry, Vixen Inc.
Assyrian Star Empire

Empryan Colonies


45th Union

Immortal Empire

Kingdom of Denmark

Immortal Empire

Nega abominations

Peach Mutants


Notable People
List of Emerian Characters


The Fascist Theocratic Emerian Imperium and United Republics and Commonwealths

The Fascist Theocratic Emerian Imperium and United Republics and Commonwealths, or just Emerian Empire and United Commonwealths and Republics (EEURC), is a massive (and constantly growing), extra-galactic, Spanish (Empire) based faction that inhabits the northwestern corner of the known Brikverse. Emeria is mostly confined to the Vipiriath due to a massive mysterious barrier called The Veil. It wields one of the top 10 most powerful armies in the Brikverse, but suffers from poor trade (from being extra-galactic) and science (military and industry gains more funding, despite the wonders worked by VAMI III, Roselyn.

Emeria despises Peaches even more than the ASE does, follows Ditholicism (Dice Worship), and has mad known it's intentions to destroy all Peaches and their supporters in the West Arms. It actively supports the Scythian Empire's efforts, and has pledged itself to the destruction of the Third Alliance. Emeria dislikes the Immortal Empire, and (heavily) supports the Anti-Immortal Alliance's efforts to eradicate their presence from the Brikverse.


Emeria's Government is controlled by three main factors: Vixen Inc. and Friends (Controlled mostly, in turn, by the Mafia), the Papacy of the Dice, and The High Imperial Council. It is a unique blend of Fascism and Theocracy, but governed entirely by a single, undying emperor.

Vixen Inc.

When the Atlantian War ended and Emeria's economy collapsed, VAMI II, Briggs, took control of Vixen Inc., and turned it into a total economic monopoly and fully integrating it as one of Emeria's biggest economic power (the bigger ones being Industry and taxes due to the population).

Dice Papacy

The Dice Papacy is the primary Emerian religion, and is among one of the most powerful forces in Emeria.

Imperial High Council

The Imperial Council is the primary ruling body of the Emerian Empire, and can, at any time, overrule the decisions and rulings of the other two governing bodies. Founded by Emperor Voynich countless years ago, it follows his template of a strong Theocratic Fascist Empire, and it has held true (mostly due to the VAMI, constantly hard at work, ruling the nation while Voynich is away). It is made up by the Imperial Family and then the Imperial Council, which controls all happenings in Emeria.

Imperial Family

The everlasting line of Emperor Voynich, his family plays their part in Emeria, albeit in the military chain of command, the council, or in the Papacy. Since Voynich has never surrendered his throne and instead has the VAMI rule in his stead, many (including the Imperial Family itself) have questioned the purpose of the Imperial Family.

Emerian Imperial Council

Anything and everything important even in the slightest in Emerian life sits on this council. It acts as the figure head for the VAMI, and is actually not one, but 4 councils to the 4 VAMI. This means that the councils are split into the Emerian Military Command (EMC) and so forth.

Emerian Military

Emerian Soldado circa late 2013


Emeria's military is vast, to put it lightly. In every corner of the empire, even the most dangerous fringes of Emerian space, there is always enough military might there to make even the most hardened, experienced, and badass army weep in dismay. Emeria uses a blend of Napoleonic and Modern tactics, deploying large formations of troops at a single moment supported by vehicles, air power, and some times even naval fire. The backbone of Emeria's military is made up of the humble (but badass) Soldado and support drones. from there, Emerian armies are outfitted with the whole plethora of Emerian vehicles.

Brief History

The very early history of the Emerian military is very generic and not notable, as it developed basically like all other faction's forces. It's more recent faction is the important part. During the Atlantian War, the Emerian Army, although incredulously numerous, was very lacking technologically. After their defeat and Assyrian-induced modernization, Emerian forces received the upgrade it desperately needed.

Emerian Imperial Army

The Emerian Imperial Army is the ground based side of the vast Emerian military. The Emerian Imperial Army controls all ground based units in the Emerian military, from the humble Soldado to tanks, robot drones to it's Mecha. The Law Enforcement branch and Imperial Emerian Air Force are also controlled by the Emerian Imperial Army. Anything and everything, from Emeria's drones and mecha, is controlled by Emeria's Imperial Army branch. It controls the Imperial Emerian Air Force and is split into Army and Vehicle corps.

Emerian Imperial Navy

The Emerian Imperial Navy is the official Emerian Navy. It controls all military and maritime Naval activity in Emeria Proper and it's Commonwealths and Republics. The Navy is he body that has seen the most improvement during the Emerian Re-Armament Program, going from Dragonheads to modified Vendettas and even the construction of a Space Champion. It continues to develop.


The majority of Emerians appear to worship the Almighty Dice, and the despised minority being Trianglism. The religious war between the Dice Papacy and Trianglists began after the Atlantian War, with the Atlantian Treaty which saw Assyrian forces coming over to Emeria and setting up shop. With them came their hated religion, and the main cause of riots and such action in Emeria is over religious disputes between the two groups.

Another large chunk of Emeria follows the worship of Brikthulhu, but are laughed at for not being Dice worshipers. An even bigger offense in Emerian is liking of Magical Girl animes and other such weeaboo garbage.


Emeria, despite being a canonically new faction, has not yet made a (sizable) splash in the Brikverse. Yet, it has so far appeared a few times in Canon anyways. Most notably so in the First N00B War

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