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Gamma Corps
Mercenary Force
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Some Gamma Corps troops

The Gamma Corps is a well-known mercenary force, renowned for it's prowess in planetary defense and hit-and-run strikes. The identities of each member of the Corps are kept confidential, with only the owner of the identity knowing it. Instead of actual names, each member is given a codename. Rank-and-file members are given serial numbers as codenames. However, squads go through boot camp together, so each soldier often acquires a nickname before reaching the lines. Once a member reaches the rank of Colonel, he or she is given a proper Codename, drawn from a bank of submissions.

Historical victories include the Battle of I-75, the Ambush at Gladius Rock, the Cleansing of Ellentius, and the Iceball Massacre.

The Corps has a strange policy regarding quarter and surrender. If the enemy chooses to negotiate before a life has been taken, the Corps will listen. However, once the first Corpsman falls, the Corp's signature battle cry will roll across the field of battle: "No prisoners!"

Battle-cries notwithstanding, there is one situation in which the Corps will take prisoners. If there is only one enemy left, and there is a Mexican Standoff, the enemy will be offered Colloseus, a ritual hand-to-hand battle with dual-wielded knives. If the enemy defeats his Corps opponent without killing him, then he will be spared, given a Scadian Starburst medal, which is a mark of high honor in the Corps, and shipped to the nearest border.

Heroes of the Gamma Corps

  • Codename: Aegis, leader at the time of the Fall of Fico. Beheaded Lord Warhead, only to have the body chuck the War Head back in his face.
  • Codename: Saber, current leader. United most of the remnants of the Corps and founder of its current iteration.
  • Codename: Excelsior, onetime-Magnifico and wielder of the sword Santo Luz, until one of his hands was infected with Peachism, at which point he was disintegrated by his own sword.
  • Codename: Obsidian, master spy who infected the entirety of the Immortal's store of beer with a virus that transmogrified it into Dungan Idols.
  • Codename: Bastion, captain of the GCSS Blackavar, who was too badass to just lay down and die, and now hunts Immortals with his phantom ship.
  • Codename: Stigmata, prophetess and creator of the Blessed Bazooka of +9 Kaboom.

History of the Corps

The Fall of Fico. Although this battle ended with very few Gamma Corps ships limping away from their ruined headquarters/home planet, it is counted among the Gamma Corp's finest moments as the battle was fought against the Immortal Hordes, a previously undefeated galactic scourge, with the Immortals suffering higher casualties and actually losing personnel, a consequence earlier opponents could not produce. Codename: Aegis was slain by the Immortal General Warhead at the end of the battle.

After the Fall of Fico, the Gamma Corps became scattered and disorganized, with several local generals setting themselves up as local warlords. The direct heir to the command, the head of R&D, is Codename: Saber. His splinter-group wandered space until it landed up in a smallish sector populated by many system-states. The first of these the Corps made contact with was a system called Dehoritus. Dehoritus and its colonies were plagued by space pirates. The Gamma Corps offered protection to the Dehoritans in exchange for a place to live. The Dehoritans accepted, and the Corps drove the pirates out of the system. They so soundly beat the pirates that other system-states were soon asking for Gamma Corps protection, until nearly the entire sector was under the Corp's wing. Now, far from the unhappy system they originated in, the Corps has made a home for itself, defending the sector from external threats such as Serganid brood-pods, Danse Macabre ships, Immortal incursions, and the Galactic Jehovan Jihad.

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