Major Romano

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Major Romano


Level 3 Maytricks User

Vami IV((SigFig))
Emerian Empire

Major Romano

Major Romano is the fourth VAMI AI, representing the Military. His importance is thus matched only by Roselyn Frank, the Third VAMI AI (of Science) and Briggs (Economy, owns Vixen Inc. with Roselyn).

Major Romano began his career during the Atlantian War, when Emeria was embroiled in the fires of war with the A.S.E. Romano, who was already exceptional at the art of warfare, was a pay grade 4(Sargento) by the time he got to Atlantia.

And just in time for the utterly disastrous Battle of Drake River.

During the endless onslaught of Assyrian soldiers, Romano commanded five successful massive counterattacks on different parts of the Drake River Line, reclaiming pillboxes, trenches, bunkers, PoWs, and weapons. He fended off the Assyrians for 12 straight hours before retreating with his last 50 or so men, and had to pried from the battlements, even though he was on the verge of death from several grave injuries. Upon returning to a nearby fortress, the Emperor himself sent to the Garrison's commander, requesting for Romano to be sent home, so that the Emperor might meet him.

Romano did meet the Emperor, and he promoted Romano to Major himself, awarding him with the three of the highest military awards that the Emerians can offer. But then the Emperor levied an interesting proposal: Become the newest VAMI AI, and represent the Military, following the death of the previous one in a naval battle with the Assyrian Navy.

Romano of course accepted, because that's rad as shit.

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