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Castle Del Vaye - Sign-Up and Turn 0

Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2011 10:36 am
by Paco
In the campaign room of Castle Del Vaye, plans are being discussed for the next phase of the war against the newly formed Kingdom of Portsmith.

Ash, World Class Adventurer and Tactician: Now, if we take the channels past the groves of Cleaveland, we should be able to strike at their southernmost ports.

Empress:"That sounds agreeable. I'll send out the ships as soon as possible. I figure my cousin has been waiting long enough to see some action."

Soldier:"Milady, something important has come up that needs your attention."

Empress:"What is it?"

Soldier:"We're being sieged."


Empress:"Portsmith. I should have known. They've been awful quiet lately, I should've paid more attention to those reports of convoys Ash had given me..."

Reg:"Hate to be a bother, but it looks like we've got some more company."

Reg:"I suppose I should've figured the Iron Scorpions would be a bit miffled that their mistress was captured."

Iron Maiden:"You see what you brought upon yourselves?"

Torpeli:"We've got vandals off the West Wall!"


Lord Ivan:"Open the gate, dammit! We've been chased half across the valley by those bastards, and I'm not going to die on the gates of family's castle!"
Here's my next forum battle: Castle Del Vaye! I've been prepping this for months, and am finally ready to start it. There's a number of teams open, so take whichever one you want. (Sorry, no secret factions or reinforcements.)
For the Peaches, first we have Torpeli's F.orces - NapalmKing who are pretty much the Castle guard. There is:
1x Torpeli - Hero: Has Broadsword, Heavy shield, a chestplate, and a green flame helmet.
5x Castle Guards: 4x with axes + 1x Gatekeeper with Heavy Axe
4x Militia: Armed with spears (can be thrown), Includes 1x Officer

The Empress' F.orces - mgb
1x Empress - Hero: Has Magic Stave and Sword of Blood (claimed from Arkatox) [She's more suited as a supporting hero than an offensive hero]
1x Shaman - Has Magic Stave and Dagger [can heal people and cast some offensive spells]
6x Swordsmen - 5x with shortswords and shields + 1x officer with chainsword and large shield
3x Busuebusiers - Pistoliers

Reg's F.orces - thade
1x Reg - Hero: Has giant katana and large shield
1x Ash - Minor Hero: Has sword and is skilled with acrobatics
3x Ninjas - Have katanas and spider gymnastix
3x Cavalry - 2x with huge lances, pistols, and shields + 1x Squad Leader with Flag Lance, spear, and huge shield

Uncle Ivan's F.orces - Me
1x Uncle Ivan - Minor Hero: Has a cane and sharp tongue
1x Head Guard - with scimitar
2x Guards - with javelins (ranged spears)

Then we have the Portsmith army divided into two groups:
Sir Raymond's F.orces - lawmaster
1x Sir Raymond - Hero: Has broadsword, shield, and pistol
6x Lion Knights - 3x with Axes, 2x with Broadswords, and 1x with Golden Broadsword and Magic Shield
1x Lord Arktis - Minor Hero: Has Flag Lance and Large Shield
4x Cavalry - with lances and CC poles
2x Crew - one manages the giant ladder machine, another the other ladder (armed with a CC pole)

Another shot.

On the left is the iron ladder with its crew member, and on the right is the ladder machine with its crew member.

General Busse's F.orces - Semaj Nagirric
1x General Busse - Hero: With pistol and sabre.
6x Swordsmen - 5x with Swords and Large Shields + 1x Officer with Sabre and Pistol
5x Sailors - 4x with Axes + 1x Squad Leader
2x Crew - one controls the battering ram and the other one controls the other ladder (armed with a CC pole)

And then there's the Rogue's Gallery - heavyfishcannon, a group of infamous mercenaries hired by Reg as a special operations team.
Each has one heroic feat (one feat per turn, only one feat per character per game).
1x Ergo, Dark Gnome: Has several molotov cocktails and a club.
1x Stingray Stalin: Has aquatic powers and a trident.
1x Knives Stoutfoot: Throwing knive user and CC expert.
1x Bride: Has Spider Gymnastix and Hattori Hanzo katana.
1x Ra'z U'ul: Drow Archer and expert in stealth.

Unnoticed to everyone, three more men have appeared near the West wall. They are the Chivalrous Douchebags - Crazywolf a bunch of morally uptight French guys whose mission in life is to bring an end to the Rogue's Gallery. Despite their appearance, they are still very dangerous.

Heroic Feats for the members cycle from turn to turn:
Turn 1,4,7 etc: Jaques (White Feather)
Turn 2,5,8 etc: Caques (Red Feather)
Turn 3,6,9 etc: Bloque (Blue Feather [originally fire, but I changed it])

Near them are The Iron Scorpions - Brag and want to recover their Iron Maiden from the prison cell.

This here is the Western rescue team, being lead by a Guardsman.
Their Iron Scorpion, a vicious beast raised through the powers of the MacGuffin recovered from the Flooded Plains.

And the rest of the rescue team. being lead by the newly promoted Karlos.

All together, they have:
1x Karlos - Hero: Has his giant cleaver.
2x Uberjarls - Armed with large shields and flails.
1x Guardain - Armed with a Laser Sword
3x Iron Katanas - Armed with Katanas and Large Shields
4x Iron Swordsmen - Armed with Broadswords
1x Iron Scorpion + Beastmaster - The beastmaster controls the Scorpion, who has giant claws and a venomous stinger.

And finally, there's the North Star Vikings - Fish!!!, a group of wild men who seek to plunder Castle Del Vaye of its prized gold artifax.
They have:
1x Future Boss - Hero: Armed with Scimitar, Golden Shuriken (returns back to owner after thrown), and shield.
2x North Star Spartans: Armed with swords and shields.
6x North Star Vikings: Armed with Round spiked Shields and Axes (can be thrown)
Troop Placements
From the West Wall: 2 Castle Guard stand on each wall. Ladders are located nearby. The Gatekeeper stands in the middle, above the gate. He has access to the gate controls, and also can use either of the two catapults or the fire barrels located near him.

View from the top of the East Wall.

From the courtyard. The Swordsmen stand in the middle, facing the gate. On either flight of stairs stands their Officer and Reg. Behind them is the porch, and behind that, the common room where several golden artifax are being held.

The second story balcony. The Empress is standing outside of it, facing the North Wall, where the Portsmith f.orces are.

The second story, near the far east wall. This is sorta near where the Chivalrous Douchebags are. This is the throne area. A hallway leads into the wall. Take a right, and you will reach the balcony. Continue right, and the prison door where the Iron Maiden is being held is right in front of you. Notice the button near the throne.

This, as you can see, is where the Busuebusiers and Ash start.

The interior of the southern couryard. To the right you can see some of the gold artifax. The left area has a walkway Torpeli is on that stretches to the southernmost point of Castle Del Vaye. There are several holes in the foundation of the walkway, one of which the ninjas are standing in front of right now. The area the foundation is on is lower than the rest of the castle. You can sorta see the stairs leading down to it in the middle of the picture. In the top right, you can see the prison the Iron Maiden is in.

View from the outside (Viking's POV) there are three openings like the one the ninja is standing under. Also, there is an accessible opening to the left of the ninja that isn't defended at all. You can also see the prison wall in the top left corner. If the ninjas would want to get on the walkway they are under, they could climb the ladder near them. There is also another ladder that takes them to the hallway near the throne.

The top of the walkway, where Torpeli is. You can see the ladder I was talking about. The other ladder, near the jail you can see and the throne where the Busuebusiers are standing is right behind the golden dome.

The southernmost point of the Castle, where the stable is. Here is the Cavalry, ready to deploy from the horse pens. Behind them is the tower near where Torpeli is standing, as well as the throne room and the hallway near it. You can also see the ladders leading to the hallway and throne room better in this picture. On the way right, you can get a feel as to where the Chivalrous Douchebags are located in relation to everything. The west wall is pretty solid, they'll need to find some way to get up there...

Right in back of the cavalry are both the militia and the Rogues' Gallery, as well as the shaman. If you go past the shaman, you will be in the room where the artifax are located. Past that is the stoop where Reg is standing. The ladder takes you up to the balcony.

A better picture of the shaman and militia. You can also see some of the artifax (near the open area I was talking about earlier), the prison door, and even the back of the Empress.

And the Portsmith f.orces, this is the POV of the Gatekeeper I think.

So, yeah, that's really it for now. Claim away and ask any questions you want to ask.

Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2011 10:42 am
by Bragallot
Iron Scorpions, please. 'Cos Karlos is just way too funny.

Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:29 am
by Semaj Nagirrac
Ich möchte GENERAL BUSSE's f.orces, bitte.

Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2011 12:03 pm
by FISH!!!
No Orkz this time?
North Star Vikings instead then, please.

Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2011 12:32 pm
by heavyfishcannon
Rouge's gallery, please

Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2011 12:53 pm
by thade
Reg, please!

Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2011 2:53 pm
by lawmaster
Sir Raymond's F.orces please

Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:05 pm
by Crazywolf
Chivalrous Douchebags please. :)
So are all three of them heros? but they only get a feat on a certain turn right?

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 6:40 pm
by Paco
There's still a few spots left, if anyone wants them.

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 7:10 pm
by NapalmKing
I'll take a spot in yours if you take a spot in mine.

Either way I will take torpeleli's force

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 7:33 pm
by mgb519
Then I'll take one too.

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 10:10 pm
by Paco
Thanks. MGB: You have the empress' army.

All spots have now been filled.

Now accepting orders for Turn 1!!![/b]