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[Anno] Reichswehr of the German Confederation: State of Brickburg

Posted: Fri Oct 18, 2019 8:34 am
by AnnoyedZebra
As one of the leading states of the German Confederation and the home of the Kaiser, the army of Brickburg has a long and proud history. To this day, the Reichswehr wear the red livery granted by the Eternian emperor to troops recruited from the primitive Brickburger tribe. From these humble beginnings, a long tradition of generals was born. This led, over time, to the doctrine of Bewegungskrieg or "war of movement" which has served the greater Confederation well to this day.
Kaiserin Eva and Gardes du Corps
The Gardes du Corps of Brickburg are widely known as one of the most loyal and motivated regiments in the whole army. This is largely due to the enormous cost required to pay for the equipment and rigorous gene enhancement.
All nobles in the state of Brickburg are expected to raise and equip a unit of troops for the defence of the realm. These vary considerably in equipment quality and motivation but all are expected to undergo a certain level of training to instil the necessary discipline for some of the more elaborate maneuvers employed
Kreuzerpanzer 70
This is the German designation for a fairly ancient Eternian tank design which is fielded by multiple factions. They are favoured by the Reichswehr due to their speed and reliability, which allows them to exploit breakthroughs in enemy lines despite their relatively puny main guns
Type 30 "Maximilian" hardsuits
Type 30 "Maximilian" hardsuits combine the devastating firepower of the squad machine gun with the armour and speed of a small mech. Despite being derived from a fairly common design from the late Eternian era, the components used and the maintenance required means that such hardsuits are only operated by the aristocratic knights of Brickburg

Re: [Anno] Reichswehr of the German Confederation: State of Brickburg

Posted: Fri Oct 18, 2019 8:39 am
by ComradeGreen
zee posting an armoury!? this has to be a special day.