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[Anno]Kelo Forces Company-Tengus

Posted: Tue Nov 26, 2019 6:45 am
by Pyro
The K.F.C (Kelos Forces Confederacy) needs top protection when escorting and protecting V.I.P's, sensitive data and obtained lunchboxes from the enemy; thats where the Tengus come in.
Tengus are more akin to a royal guard then to an infantry unit and excel when based around a an object or person to protect. formed in mid BR 20,19 they have been one of the longest running units in the K.F.C.
Leader of the Tengus is the Crimson Knight
The Crimson Knight is the current head honcho of the Tengu cell, overlooking operations and inducting new recruits into the ranks. He was granted the title after the previous leader had "disappeared" following a lost battle.


The Tengu is a mix of mid ranged and close quarter attacks that has high mobility to silence its foe. Tengus are rarely seen out in the field and are mostly used in defended and major bases within K.F.C. while carrying less armour then many units of its price, its agility and mobility keep it a step ahead of misfired rockets and enemy fire.

Tengus are highly lethal in groups of about 3-4, being able to synchronise their slices for maximum combined damage, whilst also allowing support with mid ranged blasters.

"Red will be the last thing they see"
-Tengu Motto
Highly distinguished from their allies by the white and red armor they use, they are some of the most elite forces in the K.F.C and are very costly to deploy and even more to lose. treat their presence as a gift and use them wisely.

Tengu patrol viewing a previous engagement with an unknown enemy.

(welp that was my first post, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!)

Re: [Anno]Kelo Forces Company-Tengus

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 1:42 am
by Venge
Good start! I love the figs, and the backdrop and photography are well done.

Re: [Anno]Kelo Forces Company-Tengus

Posted: Mon Dec 16, 2019 7:33 am
by Bragallot
I like the food theme that's at work here. :)