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Post by Evil Wayne » Fri Aug 01, 2008 6:38 pm

Dr. X wrote:... and little fuzzy hamster spleens.
Sounds like somebody needs a transplant.

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Post by TaltosVT » Mon Aug 04, 2008 5:43 am

Bennanteno wrote:Battle report or not, I want to know why that axis soldier was sticking his gun into the viewslit of the German mech.
That one would be mine. Let's just say that not all of the German's were on the same side.

By they way, leaping onto a moving mech to gun down the pilot while you're just a lowly infantryman takes a very, very lucky roll. On the plus side, it looks awesome when you pull it off.

I'd write up a battle report, but, honestly, parts of this battle were so complex as far as who was fighting who, that I'm not sure I'd get any of it right at this point.

For that basics, the Axis troops had to move a couple of ancient artifacts from one side of the board to the train yard on the other side of the board. The Allied troops had to stop them.

When we reached the train yard, the SS opened fire on just about everyone, as the artifacts were more important than the soldiers.

After that, chaos ensued as someone pulled a wizard from a train car. He was gunned down by the Allies, which nullified the artifacts from doing whatever they were supposed to do, but it didn't stop the werewolfs and steampunk gizmos from showing up.

Add in a few spies and traitors on both sides and eventually no one knew who was on what side, so you basically shot at anyone who was shooting at you.

It was awesome.


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