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The Ballad of Basil

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 9:48 pm
by Kastrenzo
A few weeks after the Battle of Basil...

Image20190513_234430 by Charon, on Flickr
The Basil Plate has been left damaged and largely deserted after the particularly nasty fighting between several groups. The Bratva sent several troops into the region to protect it against any other attacks from groups like the Legion or Vorhut, However their deployment is coming to an end..

Image20190513_234510 by Charon, on Flickr
Citizen: But you can't leave! The Legion is out there, they'll come for us the moment you leave!

Bratva Officer: Look guy... There's no Legion threat, no Vorhut Threat, no monsters. no assasins. The simple fact is this Plate just isn't worth defending anymore.. Not with the resources we committed.. It's been weeks and there's just three of you here in this town.. No one's come back.
Do you think it's really necessary to keep a platoon of Bratva Troops here?
Image20190513_234722 by Charon, on Flickr
Bratva Officer Konig: We smashed the Vorhut the last time they tried to strike here..
Image20190513_234737 by Charon, on Flickr
Bratva Officer: And the Krieger clan holed up in the Scrap Palace has agreed to protect your town, And if it ever comes under attack, We'll send help... but there's no point in leaving dozens of soldiers here... there are thousands of plates just like this one they're needed in
Image20190513_235052 by Charon, on Flickr
And with that, the Bratva leave the Novgorod Post, and the Basil plate at large

Image20190513_235348 by Charon, on Flickr
Bratva Soldier: Glad to be leaving this rathole.. nothing ever happens here..
Image20190514_002235 by Charon, on Flickr
Within hours.. Armed attackers rush into the undefended town..

Image20190514_002330 by Charon, on Flickr
Goons from a small faction called "Gangrene Cartel" raid the town, and rob it of their weapons caches, depriving them the means to defend themselves..

Image20190514_002404 by Charon, on Flickr

Image20190514_002804 by Charon, on Flickr
Within days, The Cartel started transporting exotic drugs into Basil, and selling them to the few scavengers poking around

Image20190514_002822 by Charon, on Flickr
Taking note of passing Supply convoys..

Image20190514_003029 by Charon, on Flickr
Long enough to catch on that these supply convoys would often send their more valuable cargo in undefended trucks, as not to attract suspicion..

Image20190514_003042 by Charon, on Flickr

Image20190514_003104 by Charon, on Flickr
They strike without warning..

Image20190514_003137 by Charon, on Flickr

Image20190514_003208 by Charon, on Flickr

Image20190514_003336 by Charon, on Flickr
And without Mercy..

Image20190514_003411 by Charon, on Flickr
Robbing and killing across this deserted wasteland, With no one around, taking Basil over as their personal playground was easy.

Re: The Ballad of Basil

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 9:48 pm
by Kastrenzo
Image20190514_003626 by Charon, on Flickr
They even Bribed the Krieger Clan to turn a blind eye to the chaos they were causing, afterall. They were supposed to police this backwater.

Image20190514_004139 by Charon, on Flickr
Basil became overrun with junkies and dope fiends...

Image20190514_210223 by Charon, on Flickr
The Cartel started to advertise their stolen goods on the black market, attracting all sorts of unsavory individuals...

Image20190514_210244 by Charon, on Flickr
Cartel Member: As promised, Grade A quality Telecrystals!... Now where's the gold!?
Image20190514_210311 by Charon, on Flickr
Unfortunately for them, They weren't the only group that regularly practiced ripping people off
Reaver: Just this way...
Image20190514_210327 by Charon, on Flickr
The Reaver pulls a box off the truck, full of horribly fake gold ingots
Cartel Goon: What the fk!? these are fake!
Image20190514_210411 by Charon, on Flickr
She smashes him in the face with the butt of her rifle, and kills him right then and there

Image20190514_210533 by Charon, on Flickr
The Reavers open fire on the Cartel, and a full on onslaught ensues

Image20190514_210632 by Charon, on Flickr
A relay device crashes to the ground behind the Cartel

Image20190514_210724 by Charon, on Flickr
Suddenley, several reavers appear out of thin air. A deployable teleport relay, how clever!

Image20190514_210854 by Charon, on Flickr
The Reavers wipe out the Cartel at the meet..

Image20190514_211555 by Charon, on Flickr
A figure approaches from behind the houses...
Kast: The fk?

Image20190514_211635 by Charon, on Flickr
Alerted by fighting, A small Bratva Patrol from a few plates over speeds into Basil

Image20190514_211744 by Charon, on Flickr
With a reputation for Piracy and villainy.. the Reavers are attacked on sight by Bratva..

Image20190514_211907 by Charon, on Flickr
And another battle ensues..

Image20190514_211952 by Charon, on Flickr

Image20190514_212423 by Charon, on Flickr
A naked guy high on drugs runs towards Kast, flailing and screaming..

Image20190514_212443 by Charon, on Flickr
He Sparta kicks him in the chest and sends him flying back..

Re: The Ballad of Basil

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 9:52 pm
by Kastrenzo
Image20190514_212602 by Charon, on Flickr
And then a loud engine roars, a small transport fleetship hastily lands on the road..

Image20190514_212553 by Charon, on Flickr
Kast: Oh... that's why he was running.... sorry guy
Image20190514_212708 by Charon, on Flickr
The door flies open... and a bunch of heavily armed Armata troopers rush out of the bay door.

Image20190514_212741 by Charon, on Flickr
Kast immediatley opens fire on them... it's not even rude, on the Battleplates when someone crashes a party like that, it's just common courtesy to greet them with a bullet.

Image20190514_212839 by Charon, on Flickr
Armata troopers die, and more rush up with RPGs..

Image20190514_212959 by Charon, on Flickr
Armata Trooper: Pallei Vaan PERKELE!
Suddenley there's RPGs being fired from close range..

Image20190514_213123 by Charon, on Flickr
Kast runs out of the way just before it obliterates a house, debris is sent flying everywhere

Image20190514_213237 by Charon, on Flickr
Heavy footsteps clank out of the bay of the Ship... and a figure in fancy purple accented armor and some weird weaponry steps out... Kast catches a glimpse of him and runs off... It's Pracka.. the leader of the Armata Alliance.... He knows.. it's not Pracka himself who's the problem... it's who else will show up because of him... Namely, Everyone

Image20190514_213352 by Charon, on Flickr
Things quickly begin to break down, he runs through the woods, doesn't even pay attention, just shoots a random Bratva trooper in the back, It's about to become survival of the fittest up in this bitch.

Image20190514_213548 by Charon, on Flickr
An engine growls and a Grey vehicle with troops in Goldenrod armor aboard it rumbles through an opening in Greener Pastures... Krieger comes to play..

Image20190514_213643 by Charon, on Flickr
Bullets, Pulse rounds, grenades, rockets and insults fly every which way as the forces start shooting everything that's a different color or smell than them.

Image20190514_213933 by Charon, on Flickr
Armata troops wait in ambush , out of Krieger view

Image20190514_214025 by Charon, on Flickr
Pracka arrives with RPG backup..

Image20190514_214101 by Charon, on Flickr
And they ambush the Krieger Clan.. with fiery death.

Image20190514_214149 by Charon, on Flickr

Image20190514_214339 by Charon, on Flickr
All hell breaks loose

Image20190514_215140 by Charon, on Flickr
Kast is knocked out by an explosion..

Re: The Ballad of Basil

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 9:53 pm
by Kastrenzo
Image20190514_215156 by Charon, on Flickr
He wakes up about 20 minutes later to the ground shaking, and ringing in his ears

Image20190514_215627 by Charon, on Flickr
He sits up and witnesses a horrific... or beautiful scene.. depending on who you ask.

Everyone's here. It's an all out brawl... All it takes is word of a good fight... and they will come..

Image20190514_220017 by Charon, on Flickr
And they'll keep coming...

Image20190514_220240 by Charon, on Flickr
In Fact, they can't even wait to get to the battle, Different groups start shooting each other in the back as they enter the plate.. And now another melee breaks out on the plate border...

Image20190514_220608 by Charon, on Flickr
Swords clash, machineguns ring out, and people get wrecked all around.. Then there's the scream of a jet engine and the white blur of an Imperiya Berkut flies over the battle... followed by a string of explosions

Image20190514_220759 by Charon, on Flickr

Image20190514_220837 by Charon, on Flickr

Image20190514_220932 by Charon, on Flickr

Image20190514_221713 by Charon, on Flickr

After the dust clears... All the survivors just kind of stand there speecheless... huddled in a circle looking at the mess.. Mortal enemies share a quick parlay...

Image20190514_221741 by Charon, on Flickr
Legion Chaos Marine: That was glorious..
Vorhut Knight:.. You... you're right...
Image20190514_221726 by Charon, on Flickr
Insurgent Trooper: Yeah! but why do those Imperiya assholes always have to ruin it!

Echelon Sharpshooter:They don't want a good fight! they Just want to win!

Image20190514_221816 by Charon, on Flickr
Pracka Rallies the crowd
Pracka: Everyone!.. I'd like to propose a gathering of our leaders... at Anwar! Let's discuss how we'll collectively put a stop to this Tyranny and bullshit from the Imperiya! We all just want a good fight!

Image20190514_222025 by Charon, on Flickr
Kast Turns around... and Basil Bob is there..
Kast: Oh... hey dude... I thought you were dead?

Bob: Oh... yeah.. I was.. but I came back 20 minutes later, you know how it is..

Kast: Yeah.... I guess.... you're a freak of nature... ha.... anyway.. Some kind of drama's going to
go down at Anwar... I offered to take you there... I've got clearance there. Wanna go watch?

Bob: Sure..

Kast: Cool.

Re: The Ballad of Basil

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 9:59 pm
by Kastrenzo
So, I crashed the website 3 times posting this due to the posts containing far too much data

For future reference, if posting something large, or long. Split it up into managable fractions.... Like taking a dump... rather than just one gigantic nuke endlessly blasting the server's colon.

Re: The Ballad of Basil

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 2:01 am
by ninja_bait
Wow that was a lotta soap.