Anwar Incident

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Anwar Incident

Post by Kastrenzo » Mon May 20, 2019 1:34 pm

High above the battleplates sits the floating city of Anwar. Home of the Administration, and the headquarters of many important institutions across the plates.

Imageanwar by Charon, on Flickr

Inside the Assembly room, a designated meeting ground where parties can negotiate on neutral ground.

Image20190520_032903 by Charon, on Flickr
Leaders and representitives of several major and minor groups start to show up in the Assembly, both by walking in.. and teleporting via personal teleporter.

Image20190520_033743 by Charon, on Flickr
Then, some of the big players start arriving. The leaders of Vorhut, Echelon, Bratva and the Coalition Navy, as well as some of the hosts and organizers.

Image20190520_040740 by Charon, on Flickr
Administrator Torley: At the request of Pracka, this gathering has been called on this afternoon... representatives of the various Miltaries and news agencies... you may begin..
Image20190520_040757 by Charon, on Flickr
Torley: As the one who called for this meeting.. Pracka, Leader of the Armata Alliance.. you have the floor

Pracka: *ahem* Many of you weren't there to see it personally, but pretty much all of you had your troops witness what happened in Basil last night.. A massive brawl between who knows how many armies... and it was all ruined when Imperiya forces carpet bombed the shit out of the place....

Jericho.. I knew something was terribly wrong when I saw one of your own troops chatting with a Black Legionnaire about how stupid this has become.. Thanks to the Lazaru Effect... we can never truly die.. so we fight for fun... but this isn't fun.. Imperiya has turned into a Monster, They outnumber Vaclav's Bratva by at least 3 to 1... and they're the next largest group..

But what if we banded together to give a kicking to them? Yes, they're Fking huge... if even half of the leaders in this room agreed to an alliance, we'd outnumber them and give them a taste of their own!
Image20190520_041007 by Charon, on Flickr
Vaclav, the leader of the Bratva, One of Imperiya's arch rivals joins the floor
Vaclav: I'm not opposed to the idea... but I have some concerns... namely... look across the floor at some of these smaller Clans... Insurgent? You want to talk about people crashing parties... no one does it more than them, not even Imperiya.... And The Hoplite Clan? Bruno... no offense, but A lot of my troops would have a lot of issues cooperating with you, they hate you..

Pracka: So your point is that you won't put the past behind you?

Vaclav: My point is that everyone here has someone else they don't like in the room. I see a lot of empty chairs here too.
that tells me more than a few leaders chose not to attend this meeting... There's no one here from the Syndicate,
Nor the Legion, the Reavers... A couple of us might agree to work together.. but calling for a "war against Imperiya" just isn't' going to work..
Image20190520_041119 by Charon, on Flickr
Suddenley, Otto, leader of the Krieger Clan teleports in.. Late
Otto: Oh... uh... sorry, I'm late.
Image20190520_041230 by Charon, on Flickr
Pracka: Armata and Bratva will stand together, who else will join this Alliance?
Image20190520_041526 by Charon, on Flickr
Suddenly he's interrupted as another teleports in, it's an Imperiya Officer
Voice from background What the fk? You weren't invited!
Image20190520_042122 by Charon, on Flickr
More teleport in, led by the huge Tachenko, one of their high commanders.
Tachenko: Why not us? Oh that's right... we didn't get an invite to your little club meeting!
Image20190520_042217 by Charon, on Flickr
Tachenko: So you come to Anwar to cry in front of the administrators, who don't care... and try to rile up an alliance of booty bothered losers against us? Newsflash... we've always been alone against the lot of you. And we still won. And we'll continue to win... You want my advice?... Get good... or get out of the game.
Image20190520_042657 by Charon, on Flickr
The Anwar Security officer squeezes between Tachenko and the ugly guy in the breather

ADU Sergeant: Alright... I think that's quite enough...

Image20190520_042851 by Charon, on Flickr
The Intruding Imperiya officers are forcibly teleported out of Anwar

Image20190520_043326 by Charon, on Flickr
A minute later, another Security officer runs in to the room
ADU Guard: Sergeant! incoming teleport signatures....
ADU Sergeant: Damn it... are these guys dense or what?...
Image20190520_043557 by Charon, on Flickr

Then out of nowhere, it's not the Imperiya returning...Rocket toting goons from the Black Legion teleport into the room.. It's an attack!

Image20190520_044256 by Charon, on Flickr
Rockets fly.. and people scatter

Image20190520_045051 by Charon, on Flickr
The benches explode, people are tossed, some are killed..

Image20190520_045051 by Charon, on Flickr

Everything explodes...

Image20190520_050339 by Charon, on Flickr.
Some teleport the hell out of there, while others try to stand and fight..

Image20190520_050728 by Charon, on Flickr
Bullets, Pulse rounds, rockets and debris fly every which way

Image20190520_051108 by Charon, on Flickr
Otto and Jericho bump into each other... and Otto quickly teleports home. While a blast of warp magic appears in the center of the room... and the horned and hulking figure of Charon, the warlord of the Black Legion appears...

Image20190520_051237 by Charon, on Flickr
Charon mows down Pracka and the Insurgent leader..

Image20190520_051405 by Charon, on Flickr
Before he can react... Another of Charon's minions warps into the room and cleaves him in half with an axe

Image20190520_051709 by Charon, on Flickr
Novus, the Echelon leader, GTFOs..

Image20190520_051712 by Charon, on Flickr
As do Kast and Bob... who've just kind of been spectating this whole time..

Image20190520_051957 by Charon, on Flickr
With everyone else either having fled or been killed, Charon approaches Torley,
Torley: What the hell have you done?! Fiend!.... Leave this place at once!..
Charon: *Sarcastically* Oh? Well... I guess we have no choice but to Obey .. your highness....
Image20190520_052150 by Charon, on Flickr
Surprisngly... they warp out of Anwar without laying a hand on Torley...

Image20190520_052223 by Charon, on Flickr
Then... a giant molten fireball smashes through the wall, killing Torley in the collapse....

Imageanwar2 by Charon, on Flickr
The Admin tower in Anwar is destroyed in a huge explosion...
Jessie War Journal
In War news... Various groups attempted to come together this week in Anwar to organize an Alliance against the Imperiya..the meeting was spoiled by the Black Legion who destroyed much of the Administration in a daring attack in an apparent attempt to disrupt the community. But it now appears their primary goal was to steal multiple Artifakts that were present during the gathering. True to the Legion's nature, they destroyed much of the city while they were there.

The only apparent result of the call for an Alliance.. is the Bratva and Armata have agreed to a temporary alliance. Pracka was among those taken out during the attack, and since coming back he has been noted by other figures in the community that he is quite sour towards the rest of them, perhaps because the Community failed to come together... or because he lost his signature Artifakt weapon to the Black Legion...

It is without a doubt that for this month at least... While the Imperiya still reigns supreme... the real winner this month is the Black Legion...Stay tuned for more Battleplate News as it happens.
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Re: Anwar Incident

Post by MadMario » Tue May 21, 2019 2:19 am

Great Storyline. :omnom: Eagerly anticipating the Battleplate News. :D
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