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Posted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 7:36 pm
by Kastrenzo
Immediately after the Battle...

Image20191030_212449 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
Kast stands atop the hills. An aircraft is landing in the distance
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He hides behind some rubble.

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The door opens up and a couple of guys jump out
Kast: What are these clowns doing here?
Image20191030_212718 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
Another figure in a heavy cloak jumps out and hits the ground

Image20191030_212750 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
A disturbingly familiar figure exits the craft

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Kast: No!... No... no no no no this isn't right... is that... Shulga?
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Immediately upon sensing that he's been seen.. and identified. Reality freezes around them.. and The figure stares across the field

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Within the blink of an eye. He appears right on top of Kast

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Kast goes to defend himself. but before he can react, the world flashes a blinding light and the figure grabs him.

The Nexus
Coordinates unknown

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He awakens in a bright white room strapped to a chair..

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The ties that bind him are oddly easy to break.

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Kast: I can't see shit...
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His eyes adjust. And he sees that the room he is in has no describable doors or exits

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Before long though... the walls suddenley collapse around him!

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Kast: Suka!
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He wanders around an endless abyss. nothing but blackness. It's damp and cold, he wonders if this is the underworld

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A poof of smoke appears before him

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Kast is stunned and confused, before his eyes, two soldiers wrestle each other. He immediately recognizes them from the past. Uniforms of the Imperial Magikstrate and Galacian Imperiya.. From life before the event. From the Nehellenium Galaxy.

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The apparitions vanish in a strange, harmless explosion
Randers? Whe.... where are ya m'boy!? I can't find ya bud!
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Kast: I know that voice...
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Kast: Lahey?
Jim Lahey: Have ya seen my Randers? he's ... he said he'd get some more Liquor from the LC... But I can't find him. ... Randy! where'd you go boy! I miss you!
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Then, he dissapears too . This wasn't right, Jim Lahey died years ago.. This isn't reality, it's a memory!

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He then hears whispering behind him, he turns and see's a blue glow... and Shulga standing in front of a large blue rock, touching it

Image20191024_000530 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
He approaches
Kast: You've been alive all this time? how can this be... are we in your mind?
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The figure turns around.. Kast looks on in grimace and shock... the figure is completely faceless!
Kast: What the fk?! What are you!?
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Another figure approaches
Voice: An avatar..
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Kast turns around.. and there's another figure here wearing similar clothing to the faceless. Including a more familiar helmet.
Shulga: Welcome, nephew... It's been far too long
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Kast: How is this all possible? You've been alive this whole time? I thought you dead after the event... The old world... It's all gone!. The sector, dead!
Image20191024_000804 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
Shulga: I didn't quite die... but I didn't quite survive either.... and the people... well.
I'd like to show you something.. I think it will answer a lot of questions.. Come with me!
Image20191024_000827 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
Kast: What about him, who is this guy?
Shulga: As I said... an Avatar, it is not a person, nor a machine... but my Vessel.. I am not able to.. interact with this world like you can.. so I must do it with a vehicle. A body of my own creation and controlled by my power. A looking glass if you will
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They go down a ways. The crystal seemed to have moved from it's last location.

Image20191024_001013 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
Shulga: The Crystal first reached out to me in my dreams. It made contact a number of times.. Psychics invaded my own mind and tried to convince me not to hear it out. Not to trust it. They wanted it's gifts for themselves.. And it gave us power beyond anything we could ever imagine!
Monolith: Greetings child. Welcome to my sanctum.
Kast: What are you? what happened all that time ago?

Monolith: I was sent to the world you knew... forms you could not hope to comprehend. A great rift comes. To save both myself. And your people. I needed to make contact... The one that stands before you connected me to his plane of existence.. your world. And only then could we both escape the doom of the climactc end.... The Ragnablok!

Kast: But.. you killed everyone... just to save yourself and him? rather than let them fight to survive, you erased hundreds of planets and killed millions of minifigs?!
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Alongside the Avatar. Several figures appear
Monolith: The world you now now. The Realm... the Plates.. It was created. With the energy bestowed unto me... The mind of our friend.... and the life force of everyone you knew!

When I made the connection to your plane, We held the power to create an entire world... but there is one thing that cannot be created. The most powerful force in the brikverse, that cannot be imitated, copied or fabricated.... Life

We created a new world. Safe from the impending doom. And the souls of all that existed in your home. Live on here, free to experience immortality!

Kast: So my friends are here?

Shulga: No.. what it means is that... in essence, they would still be here.. but we created a new world. But your friends, the spark that gave them life, exists in a new figure now, everyone is their own person... anew. Out with the old.
Image20191024_001425 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
Kast: Then how do you explain your Avatar... or the fact that The Imperiya... those guys running around in the white armor.. or half of the other bloody factions out there fighting wars.. are the splitting fking image of the peoples of the sector?!

Shulga: It's rather embarrassing... but. given the opportunity to make a world however I wanted, with no limits... I created much of the world in a way that played homage to the old.... but even that only goes so far. I could make small influences here and there, but completely controlling people's will and forcing them to do things how I want? That just doesn't feel right. I'd rather just watch what happens...

Kast: So this is all a toybox to you? you're playing with people's lives!

Shulga.. Not quite..
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Some large colored crystaline devices appear out of the floor
Shulga: We can't create new life... but we can catch spirits... and make sure they don't escape when a person passes on...
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He takes him to the opposite end of the sanctum where a glass tube appears to be growing a body in rapid fashion
Shulga: Lazarus. Life after Death. a fitting and poetic fate for our people? don't you think?

Kast: Wouldn't you just call that functional Immortality?

Shulga: In essence... but, many stupid wars had been fought in the past over the very meaning of that word. I think it dumb , and wrong to use that again here.
Image20191024_002431 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
The skeleton turns into a man
Shulga: A land bound by its own laws of nature, with infinite resources.. and... well.. Immortality!.. these people will be free from wants and fears forever!

Re: Revelation

Posted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 9:27 pm
by ninja_bait
:omnom: This is deep

Re: Revelation

Posted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 9:32 pm
by Kastrenzo
Image20191024_002923 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr

Suddenly. As the clock strikes Midnight. The ground rumbles, everything goes red... Shulga falls to the floor groaning in pain..
Shulga: Urgh! ... Wasn't... suppposed to...... happen!
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The Chamber malfunctions... and a strange being appears inside

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It busts open and a half baked body falls out

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Image20191024_003130 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
It crumbles into a pile of bones

Image20191024_003258 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
Shulga still knocked out on the floor. Kast sees the Lazarus network crash and burn... Ragnablok had come.. and everything the Monolith promised was a lie, the immortality, the one thing that made this all fair. had just failed. He pulls out his blade
All that death. for nothing.
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He walks towards the Crystal
Kast: You. You ruined everything. You're going to pay for what you've done
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Suddenley. a cape hits the floor in front of him

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Shulga is flying!... which should come as no surprise given the rules of this world
Shulga: No!... I can't let you.
Monolith.. We've come too

Kast: You're not Shulga, you're a parasite. and I'm going to put this right
Image20191024_003921 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
Mono-Shulga pulls a gigantic sword. The Blackstar
Mono-Shulga: VERY WELL
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They stare each other down in front of the crystal

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Swords start swinging, each one narrowly missing the other

Image20191024_004151 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr

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After a furious exchange.. Shulga slams Kast with the Blackstar and he goes flying

Image20191024_004345 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
Kast is bleeding. But alive. Mono-Shulga is confused
Mono-Shulga: That can't be.. Nothing survives the Blackstar

Kast: I'm not one of your playthings. your tricks aren't going to work on me. Suka!
Image20191024_004445 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
In a strenuous rage he pulls a Saperka from his back

Image20191024_004512 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
And slams the shit out of the Monolith. several shards break off

Image20191024_004527 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
The monolith pulses and Mono-Shulga falls to the ground

Image20191024_004620 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
Shulga's Honor Guard teleport in and tackle Kast

Image20191024_004648 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
He manages to fight them both off with the shovel

Image20191024_004718 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
Mono-Shulga recovers

Image20191024_004741 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
Kast smacks the other one

Image20191024_004833 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
He winds up for another smash
Mono-Shulga: No!
Image20191024_004954 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
He quickly banishes Kast from the Nexus. Teleporting him away..