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The Saakians

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2020 8:03 am
by Cracjaw
After a mighty, unplanned battle, a Saakian spy had stumbled across a survivor. In the Saakian castle, general Butsac and king Igotsa, have an in depth conversation.


Butsac: "Sir, we have found a survivor from the recent battle in the outer territories."

Igotsa: "Good, who is it."

Butsac: "That's the thing, he would like to talk to you, you won't believe who it is."


Igotsa: "Ahh, the mighty Kkraber Kklown, release him."

Kkraber Kklown: "What do you want with me?"

Igotsa: "Well, you can either die, or join me in the defense of my nation. It is your choice."

Kkraber Kklown thought deeply about this, the answer was clear.