Scythe posted a setting to 4chan

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Scythe posted a setting to 4chan

Post by The Shadowscythe » Wed Jan 22, 2014 7:11 pm

So yeah, I love my spess horror - and I'm a regular to /tg/ - as I am at work right now I don't have proper access to screencapping and I want peoples opinions on the short stump I just posted - you guys can have a read too.

>2306 A.D

Its funny, we always thought that there where two things in our universe that where utter fictions of the mind. Alien races and the walking dead.

Since the birth of our 20th century the ideas rocked back and forth throughout our media, the "zombie" apocalypse that would spend the last of our days in blood and fire, and the idea that mankind as a species where alone in the universe - we would one day expand into the stars to find the galaxy filled with the ancient ruins of the long dead.

As times went on, these ideas became as founded in our minds as vampires and werewolves, faeries and ghosts - legends of the screen and page that where quaint for vids but paid little use to a world that had finally developed nanotechnology to reverse the damage to our atmosphere, fusion power that provided the keys for our civilization to unlock the door to the stars.

Mag-shielding, anti-grav plating, AI research gave birth to a species of machines that would be our sole companions in the slow moving race to expand through our solar system.

Eventually, after 150 years of inter-solar travel we developed FTL drive technology and expanded into the stars.

We didn't know what to expect - but the good ole' trope was that our race would be built on the shoulders of the dead.

We didn't know how true that was.

It took us a while to figure out what was going on throughout the colonies, especially the outer colonies - but one by one, person by person, mankind was waking up one morning and going about their lives with one impossible change that would redefine our entire social mindset.

One by one, we where waking up dead.

No pulse, yet blood still managed to flow - no new cell growth and yet no cell decay. No electrical activity in the brain, and yet somehow the person before you was stood, walking and talking as if nothing was wrong.

Well - other than being dead of course.

It took decades for it to spread fully, it started off as a concern that was brushed away by the governments, the megacorps and the media - eventually it caused riots, rocked entire cities with clamouring masses of living and dead. Eventually it happened, as the slow change from living to dead completed the human race woke up as a species one morning and we were technically extinct - no more children, but no more death. An utterly stable, dead population of mankind among the stars.

And thats when we found the other races.

It turns out this has been going on since the first races reached the stars, many theories had been made yet none where proven.

Some claimed going out into the void somehow tainted life - and it would spread like an infection that would slowly but surely become a pathogen that would cause each and every race to simply wake up dead one day - the M'ter believed this to the letter and violently isolated themselves to their homeworld, threatening to destroy any craft that attempted to breach their sacred atmosphere. Unfortunately it had already begun to change them and their race ended in a violent civil war that killed both living and dead and cracked their goddamn homeworld in two.

The Shaggryr believed it was due to the change of mindset, hitting space removed an aspect of faith that younger races formed into religions in the early stages of their civilizations and it formed a barrier of faith against the undeath - their race poured thousands of years into philosophising the cause but where no closer than the rest of us.

Pathogen? Social meme given force? No one knew - but every space faring race we encountered without fail was dead. The younger races still lived on until they reached the stars themselves, a pact was put in place as a prime directive of sorts, to protect them from the un-life at all costs until they could reach the stars themselves.

"Life" as we would know it would carry on, but mistakes and accidents claim the dead every day, we have advanced our cybernetics and nanotech to sustain our bodies against harm so that we don't dwindle too quickly, cloning and genetics continue onwards to find a cure but we have had as much luck as everyone else - which is not much.

As we share worlds and technologies between the dead races and explore - we are all trying to brace ourselves against eventually becoming like the first races and eventually succumbing to the universe and dieing completely.

Wars don't exist - we simply cannot spare the bodies.

Mankind is one of so many dead races out in the greater universe, forever spreading and learning, adapting again and again, hoping to one day return life to the dead.


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Re: Scythe posted a setting to 4chan

Post by Quantumsurfer » Thu Jan 23, 2014 12:52 pm

An interesting concept.

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