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Beer and Rum

Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2016 12:13 am
by Natalya
The Space Pirate Roberts gazed across the open expanse of space. Stars twinkled in all directions, and the galactic core shone bright off to starboard. But in the distance ahead he waited for a sight he hadn't seen in years.

"Approaching coordinates, ETA 1 minute."

"Captain, nothing at the coordinates on scanners."

"Helmsman, decelerate, bring us down to 10% of cruising speed," Roberts commanded, "We don't want to overshoot."

"Aye Captain. Braking to 10%. New ETA 5 minutes."

Roberts drew his periscope from his long coat, and tried to make out any kind of shape in the emptiness that lay ahead. But all he could see were stars. However, it had to be here. This WAS the place. And yet, he saw nothing. His pursed lips curved into a slight frown.

"One minute to target," the helmsman reported.

"I still don't see anything captain," the science officer added. "I don't even see any gravitational distortion."

"Brighton, scan for anomalies in the vaccum fluctuations near the target coordinates. Wallace, full stop 20000 meters before the coordinates, if it's there we don't want to run into it."

The Rowdy Reveler slowed and stopped, the eyes of all crew were either fixated on the monitors or the forward viewports. Each man wanted to be the first to say they saw it, but all that greeted their eyes was empty space. Doubt danced around the minds of the crew; had Roberts led them astray?

Science officer Jax Brighton broke the silence, "Sir, the effect is small but noticeable. There is a region ahead of us, about 27 cubic kilometers, where there are no particle-antiparticle pairs."

"That's it!" Roberts flexed his arms and pounded his right fist into his left palm, sounding a loud clap that echoed off the hard adamantite walls of the bridge. "It's here! Prepare the boarding shuttle. Output the vacuum-fluctuation data to the nav of the shuttle. That cloak is the best I've ever seen, but it isn't perfect! Glory shall be ours today!"

Throughout the ship the crew buzzed about as drones in a beehive, preparing the the landing party. Ten men plus Roberts would board the shuttle, the other six would stay aboard the Reveler. Roberts gave final instructions to the bridge before heading down to the shuttle bay. "Orbit the anomaly, but do not sail through it, come around on the opposite side of it and then hold position. Once there we will launch the shuttle."

"Aye Captain."

The Rowdy Reveler came about on the other side of the anomaly. Still nothing greeted the eyes of the crew, for all anyone could tell they were circling nothing, but Roberts knew it was there. Down in the hangar Roberts had the crew affix a flare launcher under the nose of the shuttle. "Equip the tips of half of these flares with magnets, the other half shall receive bakelite capsules. We're going to find out what sticks. Get three men in EVA suits on board and equip them with drills and laser cutters. We probably can't find the entrance, we'll need to cut our way in. Mount one of the accessory pods with an aluminum powder sprayer and an electrode. Replace the other pod with a laser cannon. All men not in suits, grab your boarding gear and weapons, we don't know what we're going to find in here."

A few minutes later the shuttle was on its way towards the anomaly. As they approached they slowed to a crawl.

"Okay, spray this area with the flares."


The navigator began to fire the flares, but in less than a second they shot back towards the ship, exploding off the forward viewport, startling everyone aboard.

"Full Stop!!" Roberts yelled out as he jumped over to the controls and yanked the inertial dampener lever before the startled navigator could react. "We're right upon it, you got too close to the anomaly. Reverse 10 metres and then spray it with the aluminum powder."

A static spray of aluminum burst forth from the port accessory pod, before impacting an invisible structure and adhering to it. "Modulate the pitch and yaw, get this spray all over the place, we want to be able to see it, the cloak be damned." The navigator complied, pitching and turning so that the spray hit a larger and larger area. Before their eyes the shape of a giant wall began to emerge. There were some very clean lines that cris-crossed around, indented into the wall, but overall it appeared to be quite smooth. The tank stuttered and then choked as the powder was exhausted. "Well, that will have to do. You three, get out there and get to work, I want us inside in an hour."


Re: Beer and Rum

Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2016 12:29 pm
by Natalya
With a crash the metal bulkhead smashed into the ceiling. Or, was it the floor? Ham Braxton, leader of the EVA crew, realized that they were upside down in relation to the internal gravity of the.. wait, what was this thing anyway? Roberts had described it as an ancient monolithic hulk, but what was it really? A battle station? Braxton nimbly entered the opening, landing feet-first on the actual floor. Internal gravity seemed to be normal. His EVA team, still outside, appeared upside down. He looked around inside, but there wasn't anything to see, it was completely dark. His helmet floodlights showed clean and smooth black-looking walls, the floor seemed like it was marble, but with his heavy boots it was impossible to tell what the surface actually was. He appeared to be standing in some kind of corridor, the hall extended at least 20 meters in each direction parallel to the exterior of the... craft... but his lamps couldn't make out anything beyond that distance.

"Okay get the docking port setup," Roberts' voice crackled over the radio, "There's probably nothing dangerous in there, we can check it out once we're docked."

It took only half an hour to setup the port. The EVA crew rigged the outside of the port around the hole they had cut in the bulkhead. There was no atmosphere inside the structure, which made it easier to setup. At last the shuttle team entered portal.

"We need to find the power. There's no atmosphere or lights, so it's in some kind of hibernation state. We shall wake this monolith." Roberts glanced over his team. "You all have followed me into the darkness, through thick and thin, and we shall soon reap the fruits of our labour." Roberts paused; his crew was mostly composed of ragtag low-life scum who had been through the meat grinder of low class life on isolated backworlds. In and out of conscripted service, prison gulags, or even enslavement, his crew were for the most part men of simple pleasures and taste. Booze, women, violence, this were their vices, common for denizens of the backwaters of the BrikVerse. Roberts had greater aspirations, but his crew had been faithful thus far, and he knew he would be expected to deliver for them as they had done for him. "Let's form three teams, we can split up and cover more ground. Whatever you find is yours, but each man can only cary 40 kilos back, so choose carefully."

The corridors were long and straight, except for intersections which were at exact right angles. There were inclines but no stairs. The structure seemed regular on the inside, except it was very large, so it was going to take a long time to get around. There were open area rooms with high ceilings, but there were no doors visible, the corridors would simply open up into them. Most of them were completely empty. A few had pedastals in the centre or raised floors along the walls, but there were no fixtures, no furniture, nothing to indicate the purpose of the rooms. The inside of the vessle seemed open to them, and yet it was obvious that they were only seeing half the picture. Something was being hidden.

Re: Beer and Rum

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 1:32 am
by Natalya
The gunner roared as he tried to crush the triggers in his hand. The machine gun shook with fury as bullet after bullet exited the barrel in a blinding flash. Blood and organs formed small clouds as the anti-machinery rounds hit soft targets, ripping men in two. They had no armour, no guns, only spears and knives, yet they kept coming. In their thousands they charged the vehicles on the hill, indifferent to their comrades being torn apart by the machine gun fire.


"I'm turning around, orders be damned, this is insane!" The LCV (light combat vehicle) driver revved the engine and turned towards the left to start heading back up the hill. The gunner noticed out the corner of his eye that the other two LCVs were starting to back up. There were too many coming, they weren't going to have enough bullets to kill the horde.

The field teemed with dimmies and jaw-jaws and shitgoats, flailing their arms and frothing at their mouths, blood in their eyes as they charged the hill.

"Forget the gun, get on the comm and tell them to prep the dropship!" Runnar could tell that Rodge, the driver, was panicked. Runnar paused, then let go of the triggers. The machine gun stopped to breathe, smoke streamed from the ports on the barrel. Runnar flipped the switch on his headset and started barking at the pilot.

"Prepare the ship! We have hostiles incoming on foot, they're everywhere!"

The mic crackled as the startled pilot began to respond, "What? You guys were gone less than 10 minutes, what do you mean we have hostiles incoming?"
"Just prepare the ship for takeoff damnit! We need to get out now!"
"Is the artifact secure?"
"Of course not, but we need to GO NOW!"

The LCVs stormed across the dusty hills towards the landing zone.