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[FoF17] Totem

Posted: Thu Apr 13, 2017 8:54 pm
by Silverdream

Iachaiah the Kitmer grasped the totem in his gloved hand. He had pinned it to his decorated armour, along with several other symbols of status on his armour. He was the hero, and he looked damn good. Light blue paint and dull gold figures made him stand out from the rest of the black-clad Terrorkhadet. The totem he held, a gold figure of a Terrorkhan symbolized his story. Of the Kitmers assimilated, his great grandmother, or another woman he descended from had been a concubine of a high ranking soldier. This gave Iachaiah no want for benefits and status compared to the other Kitmers.

"Hemorach Kitmers. Today we prove our worth. We are chosen stock, the warrior breed, evolved and selected for this purpose. Hemorach Kitmers, we will trample the wiwala to the dirt. We will gut them and use their blood to oil our blades. Hemorach Kitmers."

Iachaiah and his brethren gestured with their hands. None of them knew the reason for it. Their fathers had done it. They did it. Their sons, or god forbid their daughters would do it.

The stealth transport, previously invisible crashed through the ship's hull and fired all it's guns inside of the ship. The rear hatch opened, and the Terrorkhadet exited in twos, picking off targets their transport missed.

(to be continued)

Re: [FoF17] Totem

Posted: Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:32 pm
by Silverdream
As soon as Iachaiah emerged he noticed how different this ship was. The walls were black and green, resembling minerals more than metal. His HUD pointed to an enemy. Iachaiah pointed his sludge pistol at the rockman, and fired. It was coated with a mixture of tar and thermite, melting the creature in sticky black sludge. It didn't scream, it just fell apart. His comrades were armed with similiar weapons, plasma, acid, and molten metal guns to break down these creatures. Ioref the Kitmer had only carried a metal club. Should he survive this mission, he would be promoted and given a totem of his own.

A large stalactite emerged from the ceiling and pierced through the transport. More joined it, until it was rendered stationary. The transport still fired it's armaments of course. Even if the pilot had died, the only off switch was to go stealth again.

Iachaiah looked back, and the hull closed itself. the walls grew back, and stalagmites rose to kill or trap his team. "Everyone, break through the floor!" he ordered.

His men, his brothers did their best. Ioref futilely so, as his feet became trapped by the rock. A stalagmite grew and pierced him from beneath his legs. His armour gave out quickly, and he was torn in half.

Iachaiah dropped his grenade, and blew a hole in the bottom of the floor. He lept, and four of his brothers followed. They were greeted by Rockmen, firing thick spikes from their bodies. Dahosiat, the half breed redeemed his Father's mistake. Dahosiat, wielding a spear from his Tsagauz Mother, melted waves of rockmen and part of the wall of their damned ship in a single blast. It was a red coloured wave that made blinded eyes and deafened ears.

DESTROY POWER GENERATOR. The words flashed on each soldier's helmet. Iachaiah cursed the glow for obscuring his aim as he fired a second sludge pistol at the rockmen. He quickly looked at the other four fighting alongside him. There was Dahosiat the half-breed, born from a Tsagauz mother. The Tsagauz had been enemies of the Kitmer in the past, and the Immortal Empire had rewarded the Kitmer with the Tsagauz to act as slaves. Dahosiat was nearly aborted, but his father Jomon had sired only daughters with his Kitmer wife.

Then, there was Jamushan. Jamushan had more brain damage than Iachaiah would have liked. Jamushan had been born with lactating nipples and his father had beat him senseless for this. Jamushan was not smart, and maybe his father should have killed his son instead of giving him brain damage. He was a good enough soldier, and a great fighter, having killed his father during his fifteenth birthday.

Miach was too full of humour to be a good soldier. For this reason, Iachaiah had destroyed Miach's microphone for the mission. He did not want any silly commentary to mar his achievements. Ideally, Miach would be killed by a rockman. If the group was not so small, Iachaiah might have taken his life.

Eir was a former engineer of inferior birth, who proved himself by killing all his Tsagauz slaves. He had earned Iachaiah's respect, and the respect of the other Kitmers. Eir was one of us.

(To be continued)

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Posted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:33 pm
by Silverdream
This room did not grow stalactites or stalagmites. Maybe they had run out of power to regenerate the hull and grow these things. Eir shot molten steel at the rockmen, melting them and the floor. He took cover behind several of his victims. Good job Eir.

Iachaiah never stopped firing to aim. The sludge had mass enough to catch spikes fired at him, and Iachaiah would never admit his lack of talent as a marksman. He charged first. Jamushan was quick behind him with a worn shield and barrage rifle. Jamushan was also firing wildly, cowering behind his large triangular shield as he moved forward.

A large hole emerged in each wall, and dozens of rockmen spilled forth. The ceiling opened and a rockman much larger jumped downwards, unbothered by the friendly fire from the advancing rockmen. He picked up Jamushan, who continued to fire at the monster. A hole opened in the hull, and the giant rockman threw Jamushan into open space. It closed afterward.

Iachaiah moved away, firing at every angle he could. This time he could not miss, there were too many enemies. "Eir, watch my back!" said Dahosiat. Eir did as he was told, and drew attention to himself with his sidearm, a sawn off grenade shotgun. Grenades in a spread landed and blew apart the rockmen. Black and green dust clouds emerged with every bang. Iachaiah laughed. Eir, slayer of the Tsagauz was now following the half-breed's orders. He must really be scared to forget his pride.

Dahosiat pierced the Monster's arm with his spear, and the arm exploded in rocky shrapnel. Iachaiah was knocked over, and scrambled up. He would not be disrupted. He continued to fire. Dahosiat stabbed again and again, blasting the creature's skin and insides, all rock at the hull and walls of the ship. Eir blasted the others. The holes in the wall closed. Iachaiah stopped firing. The battle was over.

(To be continued)

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Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 5:22 am
by Silverdream
Spikes no longer came from the floor. Instead the walls hardened. The ship was running out of energy. It couldn't devote it's defensive resources inside and out. Iachaiah smiled, picturing the damage his world ship was dealing. These rocks had stood up to a scout armada and won, but they were no match for a few Kittmer and the halfbreed.

"We breach the wall. We destroy the core. We become Terrorkhan. Hemorach Kittmer." Iachaiah shook his gun above his head like an excited monkey. They all fired at the wall, but it remained. Dahosiat's spear struck the wall many times but it formed back faster than he could pierce it. Dahosiat grew angry and cursed. "It's not strong enough. It needs more power" he said.

"What is it's source?" said Iachaiah. He searched his belt for a spare generator. "Souls. There's no souls in these rocks." Dahosiat said. Iachaiah felt a pain in his chest. The Tsagauz had used soul power in their weapons for millenia, trapping Kittmer so that they couldn't join their ancestors in the center sun, and power the universe through the fire within them.

"Destroy it halfbreed" said Eir. He raised his gun at Dahosiat. "Stop Eir we-" said Miach, interrupted by a beam of light piercing Eir. Eir's soul flew into the spear. Miach was pierced by the spear, too slow, too surprised, too stupid to raise his weapon. His soul flew into the spear. Iachaiah fired one shot at Dahosiat's head. The sludge slowly melted through his helmet, as Dahosiat rushed to get it off. His gloves and hands were caught in the sticky hot mush, but he managed to get it off. His face was burned, dried steel covered his head and his hair was now on fire. Dahosiat picked up the spear with the remains of his hands, and Iachaiah smiled. Iachaiah kindly fired several flechettes into Dahosiat's face. He had to be put down before his pain could go further, and a beast like him didn't deserve the torture of having his flesh melted.

Dahosiat's skin and fat stunk the room, and he continued forward, blindly. He stabbed Iachaiah through the heart, knowing that Iachaiah tried to be merciful. Dahosiat collapsed.

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Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 5:48 am
by Silverdream
The Valkyrie hovered over, grabbing the spear as well as his soul and body. She saw pure hatred within him. Perhaps he would be good enough to become immortal.

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Posted: Tue May 02, 2017 5:27 am
by Silverdream
The Emperor looked over the candidates.

Drey Aha. An assassin who had slain Moitel the Inciteful. Died in combat against his guards, brainwashed soldiers pumped full of steroids and religion.


Carpa Crule. A warrior from a more primitive world who had risen to the level of King, and lead ruin to several empires. Still alive at 97, as Immortal drones watch.

"Not yet. See if you can orchestrate a civil war. I don't want a soft old man."

Fartoff fof Folpop. A serial killer who-

"Name's too stupid. Never."

Dahosiat the Half-Breed. Destroyed 24 Anegines with his spear. Survived his own skull melting long enough to kill his superior officer, a skilled warrior of renowned birth.

"His malice, cruelty and tenacity levels look fine. Give him free reign on his old ship to secure his loyalty."

In a flash, Dahosiat came back to existence. His soul was tied to an immortal core. He felt his face, fused with black metal and glass. Before him stood Nemesis, the Immortal Emperor.

"Dahosiat, I name you Tarhead. As a reward for your skill, you are given rulership over the Kittmers, Tsagauz and Golbors."

The Emperor handed him his spear. "Do as you please. For one day, I will call you into battle, and you will not refuse."

With that, Tarhead vanished from the Emperor's sight, and reappeared in his world ship.

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Posted: Wed May 03, 2017 7:21 pm
by Silverdream
The time had come to make peace with the Kittmers, personally. Room to room, Tarhead killed every Kittmer on the ship, absorbing their souls into his spear. The proud Kittmer fought hard, dirty. They tried to gas him, trap him, kill him and shoot Tarhead into space. They tried begging and pleading. They took hostages and the hostages were slain too. Even Tarhead's Kittmer relatives died, confused and enraged at his betrayal. The spear, containing the souls of the Kittmer was to be shot far away, into space. Dahosiat, in effort to atone for his Kittmer birth ripped away the flesh on the West of his body. The last Kittmers were the west of the World ship. The Tsagauz celebrated their freedom, and took on the yoke of their former masters. The Golbors, the other slave people to the Kittmers became the slaves of the Tsagauz.