A Brief History of the Commonwealth of Tyleria

BrikWars fiction in long-prose form. Trigger warning: Walls of text

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A Brief History of the Commonwealth of Tyleria

Post by TheCraigfulOne » Sat Jul 15, 2017 5:49 pm

B.R. 2,010

The Britannian League is embroiled in an arms race, and like every other nation in the Brikverse, is always seeking new sources of resources to use to their advantage in their never-ending fight against their countless enemies. Looking to expand their sphere of influence, they begin seeking out new and uninhabited systems to colonize, sending out several expeditions to explore the uncharted territories at the edge of the galaxy. In late B.R. 2,010, one such expedition finds a new sector of around three hundred systems at the far edge of the galaxy. A hostile and wild sector, it is dubbed the Crimson Sector and claimed for The Britannian League. However, the Britannians see little potential for material gain in settling it and do nothing more than build a handful of outposts and refueling stations in various systems of the outer rim of the sector.

B.R. 2,011

In B.R. 2,011 the conflict that will come to be known as the Immortal War is in full swing. The armies and navies of the great superpowers of the Brikverse have clashed again and again, at Fico, on the Hyperion, on Remarque, and at countless other places the greatest armies and the most legendary warriors of the Brikverse have given battle again and again.

At the very center of this conflict lies the Britannian League, one of the largest empires of the Brikverse and one of the first to declare for the Immortal Empire. Given the Britannian's natural imperialistic instincts, it was only natural that they would also be one of the most aggressive members of the Immortal Alliance, second only to the Immortals themselves (and probably the Vol tbh, but let's move on), and so the massive armies of the Britannian League were thrown into countless battles, some of which they were defeated in, but many of which they won glorious victories in. However, winning all these battles comes with with an unexpected complication, namely the fact that the Britannians now are faced with finding a way to deal with the massive numbers of prisoners captured in their victories; those unbrikwarsy cowards who had thrown down their arms and surrendered to the Britannians, rather than dying with honor like real Brikwarriors would have. Thus, by early B.R. 2,011, the Britannian League finds itself faced with a problem it can no longer continue to ignore: its existing prison camps simply cannot contain the massive numbers of prisoners they are stuffed to bursting with. Something needs to be done, and fast.

But the Britannians cannot simply build more prisons to hold these prisoners, for not only do they lack the space for such new prisons, there is also the issue of security to be considered. For many of these are no ordinary prisoners, but deadly terrorists and fearsome warriors, who would be able to wreak devastating amounts of death and destruction across a heavily populated planet should they escape, and while this would be totally awesome, it would also have an extremely damaging effect upon Britannian infrastructure and morale, which they simply cannot allow (despite how cool it would have been).

Fortunately for the Britannians, they have just the place to send all of these dangerous prisoners: The Crimson Sector. By now the Britannians have built a handful of forts on the edge of the sector, and are rapidly expanding into the more central systems of the sector. They have found the sector to be harsh and wild, with many dangerous species of creatures found nowhere else in the Brikverse, including the deadly (but thankfully rare) desert fleebnork, hence the reason it has remained unsettled by the denizens of the nearest satellite galaxy, who just so happen to be the Britannians' greatest enemies: the Space Nazis. But much to the Britannians joy, the sector also proves to contain large deposits of various valuable resources, including RT and GT, and the Britannians waste no time in securing these valuable deposits for themselves and in claiming the rest of sector for Queen and Country.

Despite the hardships (such as the occasional fleebnork attack) the Britannians expand rapidly across the sector, and by late B.R. 2,011 they complete prison and labor camps on dozens of planets and begin to use the prisoners as forced labor to mine the precious RT and GT veins that crisscross many of the planets in the sector. Not everyone is happy about this however, and the Zupponn Mining Company in particular is extremely displeased by the threat that Britannian mining operations in the Crimson Sector pose to their monopoly on the production and manufacturing of GT throughout the Brikverse. They offer several times to buy out the Britannian mining operations, but are denied and sent away empty-handed.

B.R. 2,012

The Britannian mining industry in the Crimson Sector is flourishing, and more prisoners are being sent every week to serve as replacement labor for those that have died, as well to supply labor for each newer and bigger mine that is founded. Thus far, all prison and mining operations in the Crimson Sector have been carried out by the Britannian government, but that is about to change.

Seeing the enormous potential for business expansion and free labor, several Britannian business conglomerates privately approach certain members of the Britannian government with offers they simply cannot refuse. After a short period of negotiations, they make arrangements to increase their annual "donations" to certain MPs in exchange for the rights to build factories and mines in the new territories and to man them with forced labor provided by the millions of prisoners kept on the planets of the sector.

These business conglomerates kick the mining industry in the Crimson Sector into overdrive, and thus generate a demand for even more prisoners to be shipped out to the sector, resulting for the first time in a shortage of prisoners in Britannian prisons. The Britannians solve this, of course, by going to war, capturing thousands more slav—er, prisoners to be shipped off to Britannian's ever-growing number of mines in the Crimson Sector.

However, the Britannians find themselves faced with a new problem: the Zupponn Mining Company—angry at being denied in their attempt to control the production and refining of GT throughout the Brikverse—refuse to refine and process the raw GT ore the Britannians bring to them, and use a combination of threats and blackmail to ensure no other company will do it for the Britannians. Annoyed but undaunted, the ever-resourceful Britannians simply build their own processing and refining facilities in the Crimson Sector, manned with millions of penal laborers. Thus, even more demand for labor is placed on the prisons, and more and more prisoners are sent to the mines and refineries with every passing day. By the end of B. R. 2,012, they outnumber their Britannian captors seventeen to one.

B.R. 2,013

By early B.R. 2,013, the Britannians are in control of almost 300 systems in the sector, and have built prison camps, mines and heavy industrial plants of various sorts across hundreds of planets in the sector, which is now providing a steady stream of raw RT and GT ore, some of which is shipped back to the Britannian homeworlds, but much of which is processed into weapons and other less useful items in the Crimson Sector's massive factories, before being either used by the Britannian armed forces, or sold across the Brikverse. These goods however, are made exclusively by ever-growing numbers of prisoners forced to work long hours in hellish conditions, who are whipped or shot if they disobey even the most unreasonable command. The owners of these factories and mines, meanwhile, grow obscenely rich off this free labor, and many of them, already living in the sector so as to personally oversee their investments, take to building the most revoltingly opulent mansions ever constructed. Thus begins a sort of arms race among the rich capitalists of the sector, as each seeks to outdo the others in building bigger, gaudier, and more expensive mansions to compensate for their tiny dicks show off their wealth. This so called "arms race" only begins to slow when a powerful earthquake on Sraxxus VII destroys dozens of these gigantic mansions, killing hundreds of lowly servants, and even a handful of the wealthy owners themselves. Meanwhile the heavy industry of the sector is expanding faster than ever, as are the populations of imported prisoners still being used as labor.

B.R. 2,014

But by the beginning of B.R. 2,014, trouble is brewing all across the system. Due to Britannian losses in several key battles against the Anti-Immortal Alliance, guards and food rations alike have been diverted away from the prisons in the system, while the demand upon the mines and factories manned by those prisoners is increased even more. Unrest from the hungry and weary prisoners grows rapidly, and the overworked and underpaid prison guards grow not entirely unsympathetic to their plight, especially when their own food rations are cut. A series of prison riots break out on dozens of planets in seventeen different systems, some of which are successfully put down, but most of which spiral out of control, resulting in the vengeful prisoners breaking free and rampaging across dozens of planets, causing chaos and destruction and pleasing Brikthulhu to no end. As word of the riots spreads, the number of systems experiencing riots goes from seventeen to seventy in a matter of months.

The guards—hopelessly outnumbered and long mistreated and miserable—more often than not simply join in the riots, raiding food ration stocks and plundering the mansions of the wealthy factory and mine owners. Of these wealthy owners, most manage to escape in their own personal starcraft, while the unlucky few that don't are slaughtered by the vengeful prisoners whom they have mistreated for so long.

After overrunning the prisons and slaughtering the mere handful guards who refuse to join them, the prisoners are quick to open up the armories of the prisons, eager to arm themselves for the clash with Britannian colonial forces already on their way to quell the rebellion in it's infancy. Using the weapons they find, they are able to arm a significant portion of their forces, with enough firepower to flush out the few local militias who have chosen to hole up in their own armories rather than join in the rebellion. Within a week, dozens of Britannian holdouts fall and the prisoners find themselves in complete control of seventeen systems in the sector.

However, word of the riots and rebellions quickly spreads across the sector, and the fleeing wealthy elite of the fallen planets begin to reach out to the local colonial government, preparations quickly begin to crush the rebels and destroy any seeds of rebellion that might be festering on other planets in the sector. To began dealing with the rebels, the Britannians act quickly, dispatching several divisions of colonial troops and a small force of hired ZMC mercs to quell the rebellion of what they foolishly take to be untrained and undisciplined rabble.

They could not have been more wrong. While most of the Britannian colonial troops had had little training and even less combat experience, almost all of the former prisoners are experienced veterans of such esteemed armies as the Assyrian Star Empire,the United Systems Alliance and the Time Traveling Super Jews.

In addition, upon raiding the opulent mansions that lay scattered like pimples across the surfaces of many planets, the prisoners find to their surprise and joy that many of the now-deceased or fled mine and factory owners were avid collectors of high powered weaponry, much of it capable to destroying armored vehicles with ease. In one particular cache, they even find a hoard of prototype Immortal Tech weapons, developed by Dial-O'-Death themselves.

Using these weapons, along with their cumulative military experience, the rebelling prisoners quickly organize themselves into several well-armed and well-trained rebel armies, each usually composed of men who had served together prior to their capture by the Britannians. The Britannians make several attempts at establishing footholds in rebel-held systems, but each time the cocky but outnumbered Britannian troops are beaten badly by the better-armed and better-trained rebels. Undeterred,the Britannians prepare to simply bombard the rebels from space, but a critical failure in the rector of the Britannian flagship HMSS Bulldog results in a massive explosion that devastates the fleet, destroying many of its capital ships and crippling several more, sending them crashing down to the surfaces of the occupied planets below, where they are gleefully seized by the delighted rebels. In addition, the rebels areable to seize several important Britannian hostages, and, more importantly, are able to gain control of several powerful—albeit heavily damaged—Britannian capital ships. The remaining Britannian ships flee, leaving behind their wrecked brethren, as well as almost all of the ZMC mercs, a large number of whom were able to escape the chaos above in escape pods, but who unfortunately found said escape pods almost exclusively landing on the rebel-occupied planets. Oddly enough, the ZMC mercs don't seem to mind being left behind. . . :mystery:

B.R. 2,015

After the disastrous failure of the Britannian response force in B.R. 2,014, the rebels find themselves in undisputed control of seventy systems of the Crimson Sector, but without any significant form of organized government. Each of the rebel armies is held together loosely by a command system that is usually composed of former officers of only one or two factions, since the Britannians were often too lazy to bother splitting up captured divisions or even armies and simply tossed them all in the same prisons together, resulting in a very organized hierarchy in both the prisons and now the rebel armies.

However, these rebel armies do not communicate very well with each other, since they are often composed of former rivals or even enemies, and it is only the threat of imminent retaliation from the Britannians that keeps them from killing each other. Or at least, usually keeps them from killing each other.

But one man recognizes this problem, and decides to unite the warring factions into an organized whole, and forge them into a sword with which to pierce the heart of the Britannian lion. His name is Robert Paulson Edward Durden.

The bastard son of the VOL Warking Romulus and a Time-Traveling Super Sandwich Guy named Julieta, Edward was raised to honor both the VOL principles of war, bloodshed and death, and the TTSJ principles of equality, honor, and justice, despite them being completely incompatible. It was on a VOL raid against a Britannian spice colony that he was ambushed and captured, although not before killing twelve Britannian Red Berets with his bare hands. His servitude in the mines on Atlos V only hardened him further in both mind and body, and he was one of the leaders of the first of the prison riots that eventually led to the Britannians losing seventy systems. Now, after five years on a hellish prison world, he has escaped with only one goal: create chaos. But to do this he can't be the VOL warrior he once was, he must become someone else. He must become something else.

Edward starts by leading his loyal VOL warriors in a takeover of one the crashed Britannian ships, the only on the planet. Using the ship, he convinces the rest of the planet's rebel leaders to join him, and after repairing it, he sets out to recruit more of the rebels to his cause. Many rebel leaders join him of their own free will, but many question his worthiness. To many of those who refuse to join him, he offers a challenge of single combat, with whoever wins gaining unrivaled control of both his forces and their own. It only takes thirty-one victories before people start joining him before it gets to that stage.

By the end of the year, he has united all seventy systems under his banner, and has repaired fifteen crashed Britannian capital ships. He forges dozens of rebel factions into a powerful, if hodgepodge army. VOL, Time-Traveling Super Jews, United Systemers, Bavarians, Scythians, Tratts, and many more are united under his iron fist. He names himself emperor, takes a former Bavarian named Jack Norton as his vice-emperor (shut up) and names his fledgling commonwealth after a distant ancestor of his. Thus, the Commonwealth of Tyleria is born.

B.R. 2,016

Reckoning that the Britannians will still be wanting their systems back, Edward strikes first, and strikes hard. Using the repaired and renamed Britannian ships, he launches lighting-fast attacks on dozens of Britannian shipyards across the remaining two hundred and thirty systems held by the Britannians, crippling their ability to move materials and troops, and capturing dozens more capital ships to add to his growing forces. He also frees the laborers of said shipyards, recruiting them to his cause and growing his forces, which already outnumber the Britannian colonial troops, despite holding far few systems.

Next Edward targets the largest of the Britannians remaining prison and manufacturing worlds, stripping the Britannians of both their labor and their wealth, and adding to his own. At this point Edward's forces both outgun and outnumber the remaining Britannian colonial forces, who have thus far been powerless to stop his raids, and he decides that the time is right to strike the killing blow on the Britannian forces, have already kneecapped, crippled, and robbed them (mostly metaphorically speaking).

However, quite a stir arises when CCTV footage, captured by a security drone on the shipyard planet of Brikenhead, shows marauding ZMC mercs fighting alongside the Tylerians, which they Britannians are understandably rather displeased about. They take the issue before the Immortal courts, but the ZMC manages to successfully argue that the mercs are part of the force that first assaulted the Tylerians in B.R. 2,014, and have since deserted from the ZMC. The Britannians don't quite believe them, remembering how the deposits of GT in the Crimson Sector threatened the ZMC monopoly on the stuff, but are unable to prove that ZMC High Command has directly ordered any aggressive acts against a member of the Immortal Alliance, although the question is raised as to why exactly the HMSS Bulldog exploded, and why almost all of the ZMC mercs managed to escape the ship on time.

Nonetheless, the Britannians have bigger problems to worry about, as Edward finally makes his move against the remaining Britannian holdings in the Crimson Sector, and crushes them utterly, leaving the Commonwealth of Tyleria in undisputed control of all three hundred colonized systems of the Crimson Sector by the end of the year.

B.R. 2,017

But the Britannians have not forgotten the wealth they once gained from their colony, and have requested aid from their greatest ally: The Immortal Empire. And, fresh and reinvigorated from their conquest of several galaxies outside the Nehellenium, the Immortals have answered in force. They have sent a force of their own to retake the Crimson Sector, along with Britannian assistance, since, in the worlds of the Immortal Emperor himself "The Brits screwed the poodle in the first place."

But the Tylerians do not stand alone. Knowing that they would inevitably have to face the wrath of the Immortal Alliance, they have joined the Anti-Immortal Alliance, and are already receiving military aid from the Assyrians and other leading nations of the Alliance.

Of course, their nearest neighbors, the Space Nazis (bet you forgot I even mentioned them), are not about to miss out on the coming fight, and are working together with the U.S.S.S.R. to prepare an invasion force against both the Tylerians and the Immortals.

And of course, ever hungry for bloodshed and violence, the Bavarians and several other former members of the Third Alliance have sent their own joint fleet towards the Crimson Sector, ostensibly to forge an alliance with the Tylerians, but bringing with them a crapload of heavy weapons.

Thus the stage is set, four powerful alliances converging on the Crimson Sector, all of them armed to the teeth. New alliances have been forged, and old ones are being tested. The only thing that is certain is that a storm is coming, and that the fledgling Commonwealth of Tyleria will have to weather it or be destroyed.

Author's Note: Welp, here it is! The backstory for my faction, whose armory post and soaps will hopefully be coming by the end of the year. I will probably edit this Brikfic further, but for now I just wanted to get a jump into the Brikverse, since I've been lurking here for seven years. Any comments or criticism are more than welcome, they are actively desired, so fire away. Also, don't worry Red Crusader Alliance or Darkstorm, I intend to fit you in as well.
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Re: A Brief History of the Commonwealth of Tyleria

Post by Colette » Sat Jul 15, 2017 6:47 pm

I love this.

There is just so much genius here I don't even know where to start. And while it's just a wall of text it fits the spirit of BrikWars so well too. I need to sit down and think about this.
Because everything's better with math.

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Re: A Brief History of the Commonwealth of Tyleria

Post by TheCraigfulOne » Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:30 pm

Colette wrote:I love this.

There is just so much genius here I don't even know where to start. And while it's just a wall of text it fits the spirit of BrikWars so well too. I need to sit down and think about this.
Thanks, that means a lot coming from someone who writes as well as you do.

That was prettty much the vibe I was going for here as well, it needed to cover all the backstory of Tyleria, but also not be boring, so I ended up writing in a "history book with serious snark" sort of tone. I also tried to tie in Tyleria with the history and other factions of the Brikverse, while also explaining why they haven't appeared in any battles so far.

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