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FSU Vs. BNP Story - First Draft

Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:56 pm

Before I begin I should give a bit of backstory to all this. I made this story slowly over the course of the last five years after I first stumbled upon Brikwars. It’s a direct outgrowth of my political and philosophical readings across that time period, which included me earning my bachelors in Political Science. Don’t worry, though; I have no interest in sparking any deep debate here. Just enjoy it for what it is like I intended. :mrgreen:

Anyways, this means that up until my alliance with StalinsFavoriteKhat, it’s been in its own bubble outside the Brikverse. I like to think it takes place in a nearby galaxy that just has these two major factions fighting for control.


Centuries before its foundation in GR 2012, the people who are the descendants of the Federalist Star Union and the Berliniscow Naturalist Party lived on a world now only remembered as Origin. The planet was much like our real world; inhabited by sentient beings but fundamentally shaped by the ideas living between peoples’ ears.
Eventually the ideas of collectivism threw the planet into a wild chaos of world war and totalitarian oppression. Before this state, small and large scale collectivists had worked together to destroy all major opposition to themselves. Traditionalists, monarchists, lib dems, and everyone else was dismembered and cast into the sea.
What do I mean by “small and large,” though? They’re generic terms for the two ‘big tents’ of collectivism as a phenomenon. “Small collectivism” refers to collectivism on the scale of a race or nation say. It’s modeled on real world fascism, frankly. “Big collectivism,” by contrast, refers to the intent to collectivize all people everywhere. Think communism.

Moving on, there eventually came a point in this extermination of alternate paradigms that Black and Red looked on one another and realized that they really were serious about their lunatic ideas. Thus the great, endless war happened.

Yet there was a hope amidst it all. A clique of anti-collectivist thinkers, hostile both to the racialism of Black and the utopian fantasies of Red, decided that radical action had to be taken if any sane, moral, and bearable mode of existence was to be preserved. Calling themselves Elutherians after the Greek for Liberty, they hatched a plan to covertly get onto their side little enclaves of talented supporters with leanings compatible with their own, and build a great escape fleet together.

Years later, they were ready. Across Origin, unauthorized mass flights departed the planet’s surface from hidden bases and made a gambit for the stars. Black and Red each sent up interceptors to stop them through murder, but the clique had prepared a sophisticated space-capable military to protect the civilians. A great battle ensued in the upper atmosphere, but most of the refugees got away to places unknown.

Something unintended happened, however. The admiral in charge of the Elutherians’ military was enraged at the extra loss of life from black and red’s retaliation, and took his revenge by firing his entire fleet’s arsenal of advanced nuclear warheads all across the planet’s surface. Black was annihilated forever, but Red endured underground.
In Federalist history this event is immortalized and mythologized, remembered forever as “The Flight.”

When the clique and their friends finally found an inhabited planet, they named it Fiat Lucs. A new beginning had dawned, and they meant it to be bright. A new republic was founded after intense study of the ones in the past. It was meant to take all the good parts while leaving the bad ones in the history books. They called it the Federalist Star Union. Under it, all the various races and cultures went their separate ways into their own mini republics of states and protectorates. Disputes were resolved peacefully via the federal government.

One problem arose, however. The republic’s meritocratic leadership was gripped by a terrible anxiety: what if Black or Red ever appear again? They needed an army. The several states all had militias, sure, and mercenaries weren’t hard to come by, but they desired a central, Federal army loyal directly to the national government. In their obsession with being new and untried, however, they rejected all obvious options. No conscription because that would damage social cohesion too terribly, they thought. No volunteer army because they didn’t believe that stood a chance of fighting a major war. No clones or robots either due to the moral hazard such an army would be fraught with
Instead they devised a system called the Tithe Charter. Under it, a raffle would be held annually of unique married couples. Names drawn were then charged with producing a healthy male child to serve as an infantryman for life within two years. It could only be done to any couple just once. The acceptance of this new policy was made possible only by the still-vivid memory of the calamity of Origin. The infants so made were separated immediately from their family and put into government facilities that were part barracks and part nursery.

Within just a few generations this new system of recruitment produced a nucleus of the most savage yet professional soldiery yet seen. Heavily indoctrinated, they so totally dehumanize their enemies as just pawns of Black or Red that there are records of them engaging in cannibalism post-battle.

Before criticism of Tithing could gain wide traction, however, a catastrophe happened which justified their appearance.

Red reappeared. From under their bunkers, the party elites had turned to trans-humanism to better pursue their goals. The perfect proletariat, so naturally stupid and uncreative that they all couldn’t help but all produce equal results, was crafted through genetic experiments. The perfect soldiers, totally obedient and unquestioning, were cloned from physically exceptional stock or produced in robot factories. Lastly, the perfect inner party was made by enhancing a few with great intellect. After years of subterranean recovery they too took to the stars and found their own habitable world which they called Berliniscow.

The two factions encountered each other on Midway, a planet so named because it sat between Fiat Lucs and Berliniscow. The rest starts with the Battle of Septic Springs.

Closing Notes: this is in no way a comprehensive history/backstory of my sci fi setting. It leaves out a lot of nuance I’ll get to when I do a proper armory shoot. For example, I left out the loop hole whereby FSU states can avoid Tithing in exchange for other burdens. It’s a simple introduction.