State of the Gold Sector

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State of the Gold Sector

Post by Kastrenzo » Mon Jul 02, 2018 12:57 pm

More of Synopsis of current events, but not really something that belongs in soaps because it's text low on actual content


1 - Outer Haven
This backwater system was ground zero for the events that kicked off most of the conflicts and developments of R2017 and R2018.. Today Things are rather calm. A counter-insurgency campaign by the then Galacian Republik against religious extremists was thwarted by the Imperial Magikstrate when a covert team's operation was comprimised. After the battle the Galacian forces pulled off the planet and went on to attack the Arhus system in the Magenta sector

The Volhinyan Kynazdom uncessuceflly attempted to annex the system in the Galacian's absense along with the belief that the locals would roll over to superior technology. In fact the Volhinyan monarch ended up being killed in combat and the Volhinyans repelled. Volhinya fell into chaos and Outer Haven continued to be an odd, mysterious backwater system that today is largely ignored by all.
2 - Volhinya
The Kynaz is dead. And the small empire has fallen into a succession crisis. The Volhinyan royal army Junta tried to maintain order during the succession crisis, but when Space Miners sympathetic to the Communist USSSR to the north revolted and seized all of the Kynazdom's mining stations, founding the self proclaimed "Workers Army of the Red Line".. In response to the nation's inability to do anything about the Communists. a Lesser Noble from the Spartak System, Bruno. Declared himself to be the new Kynaz.

Queen Magadana, widow to the late Karl II, rejected this declaration, and with the support of the Royal Army they would contest, and eventually come to blows with the upstart. It wouldn't be the Royal army, but the Red Line who would deal with Bruno, swiftly kicking his force's asses. Bruno would retreat to his Cruiser and found the "Kingdom of Sparda", a lesser faction in the north.

Eventually Magadana would declare herself ruler, and became drunk with power, With the Red Line growing more powerful she would waste resources and manpower in ineffective attacks against the Communists. Many of the Royal Army's best would be killed in battle or purged for failure. Eventually the Royal Army was plagued with lack of competent leadership, and when their best general, Guba was killed in another hopeless assault on the Red Line, a coalition of Intellectuals, Scientists, and the veterans of the Royal Army defected... Leaving the Queen with nothing but an army of Peach Mercenaries, and local conscripts

Volhinya is currentley in the middle of it's own, 4-way civil war. The Imperiya, it's only neighbor, has elected to largely ignore the conflict as regardless of who wins the conflict, the victor will inherit an empire of rubble, and will not be a threat any time soon

The Imperial Magikstrate, M-Throne Empire and Galacian Imperiya signed a peace treaty, ending the Arhus crisis, in Volhinya. Shulga Murdered Randy Lahey just after the summit, after he learned that Randy was along with his sister, acting to undermine him and restore the Republik.
3 - Central Zagoria
Enjoying it's first year of true independence, with help from foreign aid and investment, Zagoria has become the "Zagorian Systems Conglomerate", a capitalist, democratic society. Although corporate influence has already started to rear it's ugly head in the region. Several foreign banks and technology groups have propped up their offices in the region, Urving Group, the former Galacian energy concern moved it's operations into Zagoria, and the Monolith group established it's headquarters on a space station in the south.

Zagoria is fast becoming a splitting image of the USA in it's worst state, a corportocracy, ripe with massive wealth gaps, armies of mercenaries loyal only to the next paycheck, and an extremely divided population.

Sarah Lahey, Daughter and only surviving child, fled into Zagoria and is now jointly working with the ZSC, as well as a few survivors and remnants of the former Galacian Republik Government. If the Republik cannot be restored, they will aim to make Zagoria stronger
4 - Western Zagoria
After fighting between the Galacian state and Zagorian rebels abruptly ended with the Maripol treaty. Nationalist, and some say Terrorist elements from the mostly Galacian Zakhidna Cherhovna Bryhada group, moved into western Zagorian systems, seizing several starports and blowing up defenses, Their campaign of terror attracted the attention of the USA, The Infant Zagorian Government pleaded for the assistance of "Freedom loving minifigs" and when President Trump heard the "F" word, he decided to send in the 8th MEU to liberate the shit out of those space-slavs. Operation Harvest Red was to be a joint USA-Zagorian counter insurgency operation

The USA and Zagorian Systems Conglomerate are currentley fighting Cherhovna Bryhada, and some scattered Syndikat Pirate elements in the Adiivka and Kolorad systems, The Cherhovna Bryhada was swiftly kicked out of the major cities, but dug itself in the forests and villages where removing them has become a very slow and bloody process.
5 - Tusk DMZ
Also known as the Yugalatz systems, Territory that was originally under the control of Zagorian rebels prior to the peace treaty, it was signed over as a concession to Galacia, but the AN later stepped in and insisted the area be demilitarized. Officially apart of the Galacian Imperiya, but in practice more of a lawless zone, The Tusk DMZ may not have armies fighting one another, but angry populations of Galacian and Zagorian civilians are still fighting one another in the streets. Galacian/AN Militsiya task forces have cordoned off entire districts of cities that have become enclosed warzones between Pro-Zagorian and Pro-Galacian militias and paramilitaries

NA-PA, The Zagorian Nationalist group, has set up it's headquarters on Tusk, the current Zagorian government, is pro-USA, which the NA-PA do not approve of.
6 - Wild Territory
Colloquially known as the Wild Territory, This region has become a hive of Pirate and gang activity, The International Space Mafia had been sending ships through the region to and from the Akula System, when the encountered the Syndikat, Gold Sector Pirates. When they refused to pay the toll and blasted the Pirate's ships.. The Syndikat responded by raiding their regional headquarters, killing all inside.

Syndikat Pirates prowl the Wild Territory looking for lost ships to prey on, and occasionally launching raids outside of the region. Aside from the Pirates, this region is lawless, and deserted. The Vostok Cluster to the south has recentley been discovered and it is expected to be the site of a colonial rush in the future.
7 - Kopachy-Akula region
To the East, the Mozorov System was once home to a faction that contested control of the Gold Sector with Galacia, when that faction was defeated, the entire western region was plunged into near anarchy. The Galacians took what they could, but some systems were too devastated, or otherwise not worth their time.

Cherhovna Bryhada directly controls the Akula and Misk Systems, Originally the area was touted as a refuge for Galacian Ultranationalists and other dissenters against the Galacian Republik, But when Peacheneg groups started to rebel, notably the Kopachy Peacheneg Republik, who wanted to turn the entire western sector over to the 45th Union, a bloody and brutal conflict emerged.

This region is by far the most violent and unstable in the sector. Even during the height of hostilities between the Galacian and Zagorian Rebels, this region was known as the "Wild West" KPR separatists, covert forces of the 45th Union, Syndikat Pirates, Cherhovna Bryhada paramilitaries, and even some Imperiya Army and Naval forces are slugging it out in this region. The Imperiya has "written off" the region, abandoning hope that it will ever be salvageable as it has torn itself to pieces.
8 - Balkani Buffer Zone
The Balkani Cluster, a smaller child of the Zolotoy Cluster, home to the Peacheneg Armata Coalition, descendants of the Peachenegs who destroyed the Elkossian Empire, Galacia's predecessor.
While the Zagorian Systems Conglomerate has always been Galacia's most powerful competitor, the Armata Coalition, or "PAC" has remained a very serious threat to their dominion, thankfully PAC shares little interest in working with the KPR or their 45th Union puppet masters, and remains mostly independent.

Nevertheless. Imperiya and PAC ships occasionally engage in border skirmishes, in a sort of cold war standoff. but more or less are leaving each other to their own devices.
9 - Galacia *as a whole*
In R2017 the Empire known as Galacia, or the Galacian Republik, was overthrown by it's top Military commander, who renamed the nation, the Galacian Imperiya, this move has squashed any stability that the Gold Sector had attained,

It's difficult to summarize the comings and goings of the entire region of the Galacia Imperiya as a whole, the main things to take away are that the Country has dissolved into little more than a Military Dictatorship with basic infrastructure and commerce while it attempts to restructure some sort of civilian government. Despite The Imperiya's successor, the Republik having fought a war against Communism, The Imperiya's plans for state structure appear to be very socialist.

Shulga has proven to be a very poor builder and state leader, Obviously with his background The Military has flourished, but many citizens are still living in conditions of a TL4 or TL5 society, The Imperiya was carved up into regional districts with military commanders operating with almost absolute authority and often unwilling to give power to anyone they distrust even remotely.

Internally, with the exception of some civil disorder leftover from the coup and power shift, Galacia is relatively stable with the time being, externally, it is surrounded by unstable border regions and buffer states.

The state however in Mid R2018, Started to fall into chaos as Shulga along with several other military leaders, went missing while on their way back from a peace summit in Volhinya

10 - Zapad Cluster
The Zapad Cluster, to the rest of the Gold Sector, it's known as uncharted and unreachable space... The Zapad Nebula, a much smaller, although no less dangerous cousin of the Zarkipatta Nebula, has more or less blocked all exploration and transit into the remote cluster.

PAC and KPR ships have occasionally entered the region and encountered hostile ships in the region. All factions assume them to be Syndikat Pirates, but in fact, Syndikat has also encountered them and fought with them. In reality, unbeknownst to KPR, PAC or the Pirates, there is a fairly signifigant Empire that developed behind the nebula, known as the Chernarussian Star Federation.. although they have not made official contact with any of their "neighbors", the Chernarussians have treated their neighbors with hostility, because their neighbors have always been the "Shoot first, ask questions later" type.

PAC, KPR and Syndikat have always been enemies of each other, and also enemies with most of the rest of the Gold Sector, so it is understandable that none of them have ever released any intelligence or information regarding the Chernarussians to the Galacians, or anyone else.

Shulga, Kazakov, Zarkharchuk and Novikov are currentley lost in the Zapad Cluster after accidentally warping Kazakov's ship, the Igor Basiltsky, out of the Zarkipatta Nebula, where it sent them much farther west than intended.
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