A S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Fanfic i have been working on.

BrikWars fiction in long-prose form. Trigger warning: Walls of text

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Sorry guys, got a little distracted with gearing up for an airsoft game thats coming up, but here's Chapter 4.
Chapter 4.

Fate has a funny way of compensation. Our trip to the boiler anomaly gave us at least 5 artifacts, which gave us more than enough money to pay for ammo. But Beard was troubled by our encounter with the Bloodsucker. "This means there has to be a nest somewhere. As if that was'nt bad enough, one of Grouse's Stalkers was attacked by a Chimera the other day!" "Jesus, a Chimera?!" "YES! We need Stalkers that can deal with them. I'm this close to asking for the Bandits help!" "Well, we are in no shape to hunt them down. Groka is still recovering, and I got some small burns from artifact hunting. Besides, our suits are a mess, we need new Detectors, are weapons are jamming left and right." "Damn. Well, if you see anybody that you think would be up for it, let me know." "Will do." I walked away, to bring the vodka to the others. It was'nt so much a "celebratory" vodka, more of a "drink away your problems" vodka. But i knew damn well you can't just drink away your problems. You just end up passed out in the bathroom of some shitty rave club with vomit on your chin...... As such I made an effort to only have a few shots of vodka this time. All of a sudden a Stalker walks in through the front door and goes to Beard with an odd looking artifact. Beard thanks him and hands him some money, to which he nods and walks away. Before i knew what i was doind, i called out "Hey Stalker!" He turned, and said "Yes?" "Come over here, will you?" He walked over, and sat down. "Here, have a drink." "Thanks." "So, what was that artifact you brought in?" "Odd thing, you know that glowing by the dredge station?" "Da?" "Yeah, that. Ran into some trouble with some greedy Stalkers on the way out. I took good care of them." He said with a smile. "Well then. Whats your name Stalker?" "Degteyrev."
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