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Re: Dawn of Westeron - an illustrated tale

Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:24 pm
by NapalmKing
This is truly impressive I'm reminded of the Game of Thrones books except this seems cooler.

Re: Dawn of Westeron - an illustrated tale

Posted: Sat Mar 31, 2012 12:36 pm
by Bragallot
NapalmKing wrote:I'm reminded of the Game of Thrones books except this seems cooler.

I've finished Kerrat, the pictures are much better now.

Re: Dawn of Westeron - an illustrated tale

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 4:26 pm
by Bragallot

Some of the better-known mercenaries, rogues and freelancers of Westeron.

Boss Laris
Known as: The Purse King
Status: Virtual ruler of Syvall, crook
Background: Laris started out his career as a simple thief, but through a great amount of trickery and wit, he managed to gain a lot of influence in the rogue city of Syvall and over time could call himself ruler. Despite his obvious crime record, King Bastard has tolerated him because, as Laris proudly states: 'I am the only man who can keep Syvall under a degree of control'. Everyone who's spent enough time in the city seems to owe him certain debts, and Laris swears he could raise an army of mercenaries from the city in a day without spending a penny if he had to. He's also a very useful informant: whenever the Kingdom is in need of information, Laris would get that information. For a price, of course.
Character: He's a quick-witted crook, never to miss up on an opportunity to earn some quick cash. No methods are below him to get what he wants, but he's smart enough never to seem too guilty. He says 'Syvall is a world on its own' and claims he wants nothing to do with what's outside of it, but you can bet your head on it he's aware of any lucrative opportunities outside of Syvall as well.

Drakensy (credited to NapalmKing)
Known as: Lord of Night
Status: Mercenary, Night Ranger
Background: Drakensy leads a mysterious band of mercenaries known as the Night Rangers. For years, Drakensy and his retainers have been fighting threats local authorities found no answer to, working for noble and commoner alike. Though no one ever sees him pass the mountains, he is often seen in both Kerrat as the Kingdom.
Character: Drakensy is a quiet and observant man. Though the Lord of Night may come off as scary to many, people who have worked with him are always positive, mentioning his trustworthiness and sense of duty. He rarely has a large group of men with him, but it is apparent that he and his retainers are extremely well-organized despite being so spread out over the land. Drakensy keeps to himself, rarely ever explaining his methods or any details about jobs he's done to anyone.

Status: Mercenary
Background: Punik only arrived in the Kingdom a few years back, and for many people he was the first Dwarf they ever laid eyes on. Punik began to work as a mercenary, and when he's not drinking, he's usually fighting. Despite his short size and apparently simple equipment, he gained a reputation as a fierce adversary, often jumping around like a rabid furball and hitting his opponents on the shins until they go down.
Character: Punik claims to be 'searching for something', but gives no more reason for his appearance in the Kingdom and any inquiry about where he comes from is usually met with a threat or a bop on the head. He's a greedy and aggressive individual, and anyone choosing to mock him over his size will likely end up with painful shins.

Droe de Alar (credited to Killer_Karetsu)
Status: Hitokiri outcast, mercenary
Background: Droe was a Hitokiri warrior who was unhappy with the isolated way of life his people live, and left the South to become a mercenary. This shamed his family, and over time he came to understand he was no longer welcome in Hitokiri society, but with nowhere else to go, carried on his life as a mercenary.
Character: Droe hides his emotions in silence, but carries a lot of regret. The thrill of battle is the only thing that can keep his shame off his mind. He dreams to regain his honour in some way, but every time he fights as a mercenary he seems to move further away from this goal.

Boras Brewstone
Status: Brewer, Mercenary
Background: Boras gained a fierce reputation as a mercenary when he was still young, nowadays he spends more of his time brewing beer and potions, though he occasionally still takes on jobs.
Character: Boras is an exceptional mercenary in that he charges his customers depending on how much he enjoyed the fight. If he enjoyed the fight enough he sometimes charges nothing at all, but if it was too easy, chances are he will take out his unspent anger on his employer. His brews are appreciated by many, and is some of the strongest stuff to be found in Westeron, Boras himself claiming 'one barrel of ma ale could lay waste to 'ntire battalion!'.

The Possessed Brethren (background credited to benkim)
Known as: Tachi and Nodachi
Status: Wanderers, Outcasts
Background: They were once Hitokiri, and that's about everything anyone knows of them apart from the fact both are really old. As the story goes, at some point in their lives they were tricked by a dark deity, which caused them to become as they are, no longer accepted in society. The possessed brethren have been traveling the world, sometimes seen investigating old ruins. It is believed they are looking for a way to avenge themselves.
Character: They are unwelcome almost anywhere, and they know it, often shunning civilization. Both are almost entirely silent. They distrust other people for obvious reasons - they are people's favourite scapegoats - and seem to be under constant restraint. Their skills are superb, and any bad words about them are usually only spoken when they are far away.

Haldon the Forger
Status: Master Smith
Background: Haldon the master-smith is a living legend amongst the populace of Westeron and Haldon had been crafting magical items long before King Bastard's reign even began and hasn't aged a day since then, causing many to believe he isn't actually human. Many of the magical weapons used around the continent were made by his hand.
Character: Haldon has a love for gold, and charges a lot for his services. Though he often seeks the isolated corners of the Kingdom to practice his craft, he is not unsociable. Conversations with him tend to be rather one-sided though, as he tends to talk of nothing else but his craft. He's not quick to anger, but anyone who has tried to steal from him over the years has commonly received a hammer to the face. Haldon remembers every weapon he's ever forged and when finding them back even speaks to them as if they're alive.

Rolys the Daring (background credited to Ross_Varn)
Status: Scientist, hunter
Background: Rolys was born in a northern hunting community. As a kid he loved to steal from alchemists and experiment with their brews in secret, that was until he blew his neighbor's house up. Rolys was subsequently run out of town and took up the life of a wandering hunter, never giving up his hobby of brewing strange concoctions or working on weird devices.
Character: He's a crafty and clever, but somewhat insane individual who seems constantly wary people are after his designs and recipes. When he's not hunting or working on some device, Rolys tends to try and gain an audience with lords and knights alike, attempting to sell off his creations. So far he hasn't been very successful. He has a wide array of potions and arrows to use on his enemies, but only a dagger to defend himself with.

Aloysius Black (credited to Elmagnifico)
Status: Wandering inventor, self-declared Royal Engineer
Background: Westeron has always favored magic over science, with gunpowder and clockwork being looked down upon as "dirty" and "uncouth", unworthy of serious pursuit. Gunpowder weapons were instead adopted by Starcapes, Hitokiri and Scallywags, further tarnishing science's reputation with the Powers that Be. Hence, mage-blind Aloysius, his mad inventions, and delusions of officialdom went unheeded by all, despite his development of a multi-round, semi-automatic arquebus.
Character: Aloysius has delusions of grandeur, as shown by his tendency to introduce himself as 'Royal Engineer.' He is an endless optimist however, always carrying on despite his lack of recognition. When he isn't working on any inventions, Black is constantly on the lookout for a chance to deploy them.

Squire Joul (credited to RunsWithLegos)
Status: Scavenger
Background: Too restless to live a simple way of life, Joul quickly left his farming homestead, donning some broken equipment he found at the site of a skirmish. He began to travel the world, looking for places where there was something to be had. Because of this he is sometimes jokingly referred to as 'Scavenger Joul'.
Character: Joul calls himself a squire, but he has no master to serve. Oblivious and seemingly uncaring about anything but loot, it is a surprise to many he has survived his travels. Joul has an exceptional talent for digging up things, however, and sometimes discovers the most fantastic items where no one would have expected them.

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Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 1:06 pm
by Bragallot

Though undead sometimes still appear in Westeron naturally in the form of restless spirits or skeletons awoken by uncontrolled magic rifts, they rarely do so in large enough numbers to pose a serious threat. The reign of the King who defeated the undead army has long since passed, and it is accepted the undead as the grand force of destruction they once were are all buried and gone. What little is still known of them are little more than old wives' tales told to frighten children. Though the thought of a serious undead threat is not even considered, some names, at least, still live on through the stories.

Status: Deceased, Necromancer
Background: 'Phineus came from the North, where he had bred his army of monsters with the local populace as his fuel. We were never sure whether he was a living man or a raised body himself. When he converged upon us, Westeron's very foundations shook under his attack. Yet still he was eventually defeated, and disappeared never to be seen again.'
Character: 'He went about what he did almost pleasantly, no matter how horrible it was. It takes a certain kind of man to lead an army of darkness into human lands, and Phineus was just that.'

Aelcar The Shadow Wizard
Status: Deceased, Undead Wizard
Background: 'At Phineus' side, or leading his hordes from the back, was often a mage of terrible power. Contrary to the necromancer, he never seemed to take pleasure in his work of destruction, but he was no less vicious for it.'
Character: 'He gave the impression to be working for Phineus against his will, although he was clearly evil. It is possible the Shadow Wizard had challenged Phineus' leadership of the undead army, and lost, becoming his slave as a result.'

Status: Deceased, fire demon
Background: 'Amongst them was a blazing demon, tall as the tallest men, burning with the very fires of Hel. The extreme heat radiating from the demon made approaching him alone nearly impossible, while any common weapon stuck into his body would simply melt down."
Character: 'He often stood behind the lines, burning countless men alive from afar without ever dropping his monstrous, fiery grin.'

Baron DeMorte
Status: Deceased, undead warrior king
Background: 'The lands Phineus first conquered must have been controlled by another, for death can only be built upon life. One huge undead warrior represented the image of a defeated King, who had likely been one of Phineus' first victims.'
Character: 'The Bone King always charged the frontlines, fighting against impossible odds and seeking out the strongest opponents, as if he vied for his second death. No matter how many times he was destroyed, however, the Necromancer would willingly sacrifice any number of his lesser servants to resurrect him.'

Maloch of Blacklance
Status: Deceased, demon warlord
Background: 'A demonic black knight leading from the frontlines, who tore apart defenders at will and bested the finest of our knights. His mere presence seemed to give the undead warriors around him more power.'
Character: 'A great devotee of evil, the demon known as Maloch of Blacklance went through great lengths to purge us humans, sometimes riding his cavalry around the countryside for weeks on end and leaving only rubble and corpses in his wake.'

Lorn Lightstalker
Status: Deceased, vampire warlord
Background: 'A truly wicked soul, the vampire lord was believed to be a barbarian who had willingly accepted the unlife to become 'immortal'. A true terror to the populace of Westeron, he haunted them day and night, striking at homesteads and killing people in their sleep.'
Character: 'The vampire lord stalked at night and no wall could stop him, for he crept and leaped like a shadow across ravines and battlements alike. The Lightstalker enjoyed destroying weaker foes and would often leap over our defenses to cut at our archers. Whenever he was wounded, the fiend would sap the life from enemy and ally alike to replenish his strength.'

Status: Elite Assasins, Bodyguards
Background: 'Shadows are the reason the phrase 'May the Shadows get you!' is still used in Westeron today. No leader who took up the sword against the undead was safe from them. They were the Elite, always guarding the Necromancer when he was in peril. Possessing unnatural agility and sleek physiques, we did not believe them to have once been human.'
Character: 'They would avoid any open combat when they could, but appear from the shadows and defend fiercely whenever the Necromancer was in danger, never once showing any sense of self-preservation as long as they perceived a threat to their master.'

Undead Desert Kings
Status: Deceased, undead elite mage-warriors
Background: 'The Desert Kings of the ancient kingdom of Avernes were buried deep in their temples upon their death. When Phineus descended on the deserts and unleashed his hellish magics upon them, they discovered they had not buried them deep enough...'
Character: 'They were as fierce in death as they had been in life, only with the added unholy strength and spells the unlife had bestowed upon them.'

Undead High Templar
Status: Deceased, undead elite infantry
Background: 'The High Templar as Avernes stood as one against the undead army, and so did they die and rise again as one too after their defeat...'
Character: 'The Undead High Templar fought hard to defend their Desert Kings, as they had in life, and with equal skill. The only notable difference about them was that they no longer showed any kind of restraint or mercy.

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Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 6:38 pm
by NapalmKing
These are <a href=''>alot</a> of Deceased people interesing :) .

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Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:03 pm
by Zupponn
NapalmKing wrote:These are <a href=''><a href=''>alot</a></a> of Deceased people interesing :) .
And I bet they won't stay that way for long.

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Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 2:53 am
by Zahru II
I think it's just only there because 'alive' would look quite silly.

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Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 11:01 am
by Legofighter
Is this abandoned?

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Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 12:34 pm
by Apollyon
Legofighter wrote:Is this abandoned?
It's a serious case of booty bothered.

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Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2012 6:59 pm
by Bragallot
Legofighter wrote:Is this abandoned?
I wouldn't say abandoned, but I'd have to choose between using the little space (that one table I have which I play almost all of my battles on) for (forum) battles or building the scenery to illustrate the chapters with (which would take a lot of time and possibly brick purchases, and right now I don't have money to spare), so right now I'm choosing to use the space for battles since you can also get a lot of the story through there (though obviously there will be differences) and that's what I think most people would also prefer. I'm also writing on DeviantArt and try to focus on one story at a time to avoid getting nothing finished. So I will probably continue this one day, I just wouldn't say soon.

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Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:14 am
by Bragallot
This entry concludes the character pages. For now just see it as an intro / guide to the story told through my forum battles - they follow largely (though not exactly) the same storyline anyway, there's just a smaller focus on story (also because the outcomes of battles are unpredictable).

The Bull Tribes

The Bull Tribes are previously unknown fierce barbarians from the Northern Hills who have been at war with the Kingdom, most notably the Empire, for decades. It is suspected the Bull population one day became too great for the Hill-lands and they weren't suited to living in forests, and that's how they ended up attempting to conquer the Kingdom. So far the tribes are stuck safely behind the border mountains and the fortresses of Starkeep and Lionmaw however, and generally they succumb to infighting too often to overcome these formidable defences.

Status: High Chieftain (?)
Background: Some Imperial commanders claim the Bulls are showing up in greater numbers and have become more organized. They also believe a man must be uniting them all, for warriors of different clans have begun to show up together in battle groups more often, and their sigils are becoming less divers.
Character: If a man were to be able to unite the Bull tribes, he'd doubtlessly have to be not only strong, but also cunning and charismatic.

Voytek (name credited to Zupponn)
Status: Bull Ranger
Background: Voytek has always been a scout for his people, giving information to all different chieftains and doing whatever he felt was the best for his people. He often worked alone, never once joining a conflict between his own people, although many chieftains would like the skilled ranger to work for them.
Character: Voytek is sarcastic and witty and has no need for formalities, which often upsets his betters, but he is way too respected and valuable to his people for them to take action against him. He is willing to forego traditionalist ways if this is the best choice for the Bull nation. Though a patriot, he also often criticizes his people for being 'bigoted and stuck in useless traditions.'

Sir James
Status: Outcast, turncoat, general
Background: Sir James was an Imperial captain who suggested the Kingdom should negotiate with the Bulls and perhaps grant them land, since he believed there was enough space left in the Kingdom for their people and it was the easy way to end the war. Emperor Nathaniel had him stripped off his rank for this outrageous idea. Sir James, frustrated, crossed the border and joined the Bulls. Although originally distrusted, his skill as a warrior and commander and knowledge of Imperial cities and tactics gained him a place among the Bulls' most respected warriors.
Character: Sir James has become as savage as the Bulls, and is obsessed with getting vengeance on Emperor Nathaniel. He now slays his former kinsmen without remorse. He is a master at teaching men discipline, and it is accepted the Bulls became a far stronger and more disciplined force since he's been training their forces and teaching them tactics.

Status: Bull ranger
Background: Valarius is a feared Bull ranger who hunts Imperial scouts for sport. He can run an ambush single-handedly and his knowledge of the land is second to none. Apart from Voytek he is likely the most proficient ranger, and it is believed he will become the best once Voytek's age catches up to him and he gains more experience.
Character: Valarius is good, and he knows it. He is young and brash, and very devoted to the Bull God. Valarius often seeks out the icons or spies on the Bull God's creatures, and has tried approaching them on many occasions. He likes to refer to his enemies as 'sacrifices', and any of them who get caught by him will end up as a sacrifice to the Bull God or his creatures.

Status: Bull berserker
Background: Rax stabbed one of his own eyes out as a part of a wager to see who loved the Bull God the most. All his life he has been training to become a warrior, and since he was able to swing an axe he's been sighted in almost every major battle the Imperials have waged against the Bull nation. He has fought for many chieftains, but always refused to go up against his own people, much like Voytek.
Character: Rax isn't too bright, and he's the only one who doesn't seem to realize it. Though a respected warrior, his opinion isn't sought after on complicated matters, though he will always give it when he's in earshot. Rax is also a huge devotee of the Bull God, preferring to wear Bull skins rather than armour. Though a berserker, he knows when the time has come to retreat, believing 'it is better to fight another day.'

Three shields
Names: Carius, Weasle, Angrix
Status: Chieftains
Background: Traditionally, the Three Shields are the three most powerful chieftains in the Bull Nation. Even if they're at odds, they form a council that meets regularly to discuss the Bull tribes' best plan of action against the Empire. In the past, these meetings have often lead to violence.
Character: Each chieftain represents one of the Bull's prime qualities. Carius represents courage, Weasle stands for cunning and Angrix is a symbol of pure strength.