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Dawn of Westeron - an illustrated tale

Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 3:10 pm
by Bragallot
Welcome to Dawn of Westeron! Inspired by The Kingdom Of Ikros, Andrastravia, Vincent Gage and many other castle websites, this is my attempt at an illustrated tale. In the spirit of the mentioned websites, the first few entries will allow you to become familiar with the realm before you continue your way... Please tell me what you think, feel free to ask questions, or take your time exploring. Ikros wasn't read in a day either ;)

The page is still under heavy construction but feel free to comment all you like, as this first post will have links to all the other entries.

The World

From the mountains that shield the vast Western peninsula from the rest of the continent to the vast expansions of woods and the burning desert to the east that borders the nation of Kerrat, all through the northern forests and up to the hills that border the uncharted lands in the North, the continent of Westeron is a world filled with mystery and magic. The feudal Kingdom of Westeron in the West is beset by the fierce Bull Tribes, while the political strife between the Knightly orders and Order of Magisters in the eastern nation of Kerrat seems to be reaching its climax. Those eyes who have not strayed away from the past have seen the long forgotten, long ignored North begin to stir however, and the problems both realms are facing now will quickly melt away and seem irrelevant in the light of an ancient plot that threatens to engulf both realms, one that may bring back the grim reality of a time long forgotten...

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Cast and characters



~ Book I: Forsaken Heritage ~

- Chapter 1: The Joust (under construction)

Re: Dawn of Westeron - an illustrated tale

Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 3:18 pm
by Bragallot

The most important of those inhabitants of the Kingdom of Westeron who are sworn to the King.

Richard Lionmane I
Known as: King Bastard
Status: Ruler of the Kingdom of Westeron
Background: The firstborn of the former King, yet an illegitimate son born from a peasant girl, Richard was sought after by his half-brothers, who all vied for the throne, when his father declared him his heir upon his death. Escaping with his life narrowly many times, young Richard quickly found support with some of the populace who wanted nothing of the warmongering would-be kings. King Bastard defeated all his rivals and eventually crowned himself King. He proudly dubbed himself ‘Bastard’, as a homage to his ‘unlawful’ offspring. Bastard’s reign has had its ups and downs, but typically the people think of him as a successful King.
Character: While typically just, King Bastard may use harsh tactics when the situation calls for it. He has ruled for as long as only the oldest men in the Kingdom can remember, but his mind has remained focused and sharp. His air of authority is as strong as can be, and he is greatly respected by his feudal generals. His slow aging process is surrounded by myth. King Bastard has not appointed an heir yet, but he bestows enough responsibility upon his many relatives to keep them happy despite the knowledge they may never sit on his throne.

Queen Lara
Status: Queen of Westeron, Royal Regent, High Matriarch of the Magus Guild
Background: Lara became the leader of the Magus Guild at a young age. She kept her mages out of the civil war Bastard was waging, saying her mages' abilities would be better used to mend the war-torn land afterwards. After the war, King Bastard called upon her Mage Guild for just this purpose and their marriage flowed forth from this cooperation.
Character: Lara is kind, intelligent and just, but also headstrong, haughty and bossy, which can make serving under her a bit of a pain, though it’s all in good humour. She dislikes the drag of official affairs and despite becoming Queen has stuck mainly to her role as head of the Magus Guild, though she is not one to hide from responsibility.

Lord Twiceborn
Known as: Uncle Patch
Status: Captain of the Bloodguard, Royal Magistrate, Military Magistrate
Background: Twiceborn is King Bastard's sole remaining half-brother. He was originally one of the contenders for the throne, but when he saw how Richard had the support of the people and recognized him as a natural born leader, Twiceborn quickly pledged his support, claiming the people had their right to choose their own leader. He fought alongside Bastard for the duration of the campaign and though it pained him greatly, had to put down some of his brothers personally during the struggle. He hasn't aged as well as his half-brother and now fulfills a more administrative role, rarely leaving the Royal Grounds.
Character: Patch is loud and jovial, always the first to burst into laughter or ease a tense atmosphere. This talent has gained him a lot of respect among the courts, except to some who still see him as a man who was too afraid to take his responsibility and become King.

Emperor Nathaniel III
Status: Feudal Ruler of the Eastern Borderlands, self-proclaimed Ruler of the Empire.
Background: Nathaniel was born into a rich merchant family that bought their way into royalty by supplying the King with the money required to defend his borders. They soon began to demand more autonomy as a reward for defending the border. The King agreed, and even went as far to allow the Eastern region to dub themselves 'the Empire.' Nathaniel is the third 'Emperor', but has seen his family die all around him and is without an heir. He is pushing his luck, demanding even more authority from the King, namely the privilege to appoint a successor himself.
Character: Nathaniel is quick-witted, ambitious and vain. The loss of his family has left him bitter. He is very prideful and reacts with the utmost contempt to anyone who would mock his family for its mercantile roots. His vie for more authority, and the lack of an heir have made him restless. Nathaniel has even banned one of the royal colours from his Imperial garb. The King so far has tolerated him since Nathaniel does a good job governing the East.

Sir Knight-Marshal Cales
Status: Royal Margrave of the West, Imperial Grand Marshal
Background: Cales has spent his entire life becoming a soldier. He was a page for an Imperial Knight stationed at the border early on and when he gained his Knighthood immediately went to study for officer. Cales' talent was soon noticed and it took him only a few years to earn his titles. These titles have caused a bit of a feud, as Nathaniel firmly believes the King did not appoint a separate Margrave because he wanted to 'divide Cales' loyalties'.
Character: Cales is always very strict and proper. He is not humourless, but always sticks to the proper codes. He is ambitious, intelligent and unforgiving towards his enemies. Though he treats everyone with a lot of respect, it is often said that no one truly knows the man because of his professional attitude. It is believed the heir Emperor Nathaniel has in mind is actually Sir Cales.

Lord Malagram
Status: Royal Ruler of Starkeep, Imperial Border Captain
Background Malagram's background is shrouded in mystery. It is believed his father, the former Captain of Starkeep, had an affair with a Bull tribe woman, and he was the result of this, though there are no confirmations of this. Though plagued by weak health, making it seem as if he was cursed, Malagram worked hard to tread in his father's footsteps and despite the doubts surrounding his offspring has convinced the Starkeepers to appoint him as their leader.
Character: The young knight is a correct, silent, somewhat grim individual who always gets straight to the point. He seems to be in constant pain, even when he's not ill. Malagram has no qualms about joining his men's expeditions when his health allows it, and the Starkeepers claim 'there ain't a better shot in the Empire!'

Sir Branton
Status: Commander of the Urban Guard
Background The Urban Guard is a recent addition to the Kingdom's armies: a City Watch organized by the King himself rather than his feudal generals and found almost all across the Kingdom. Branton joined the Guard to make a living and was soon noticed for his wit and organizational talent. His leadership has proven effective: crime rates having decreased dramatically since his appointment. Branton gained his knighthood for personally getting rid of some of the worst criminals in the Kingdom.
Character: Sir Branton would often smirk silently by himself when others are talking, but rarely share his thoughts. He has a mind for organization and sees everything that's not effective towards any kind of plan as a waste of effort. He is generally quiet among the courts because he feels the contempt many nobles have for a 'commoner' such as him. Sir Branton utilizes sarcasm to get the better of these nobles, but is only truly vocal when he's leading an operation. Since he's been knighted, Branton has spent any spare time he had into training with weapons to catch up to his noble-born peers.

Sir Jason
Status: 2nd in command of the Urban Guard
Background: Already before they joined the Guard, Jason had known Sir Branton for several years. Little is known about their past, but it is rumoured they were involved in shady dealings together, with Branton being the mind and Jason the man who did the dirty work. When Branton became commander of the guard he immediately appointed Jason as his right hand man. Though he is generally as disliked by the upper classes as Branton, he is more feared, and is rarely openly disrespected.
Character: Sir Jason is not a man to be underestimated. Behind his boyish appearance rests a stone cold killer who follows orders without question. He rarely speaks, preferring to act. His visor is often closed and he comes off as a cold and calculated sort of person, though he often joins in Branton's pursuit of sarcasm and is known to make rather morbid jokes.

Status: Shogun of the Hitokiri
Background: When King Bastard brought and end to the ages of internal strife the Southern lands of the Hitokiri had seen, he appointed the only man who did not want the power, explaining such a man's rule would never be selfish. Even though it was against his will, Subute saw the logic in it and accepted for the better of his people. He grew a deepfound respect for the King, becoming one of Bastard's most trusted generals.
Character: Subute has grown quiet and eerie, as if part of him has already moved on, and the other part wants to follow. It was his life's goal to see the Hitokiri's ancient bond with dragons restored, but as he's reaching the end of his life, he no longer believes he will find it. He spends most of his days in isolation, studying dragon lore, but never lets it get in the way of doing his duty.

Status: Hitokiri Heir
Background: The oldest of Subute's sons, Kage spent a lifetime learning the art of the warrior and the tricks and traps of leadership by his father's side, and has proved himself a cunning and powerful Hitokiri, many of those who have fought him claiming he is 'fast as the wind.'
Character: Kage is not quick to anger, in fact he appears rather emotionless, especially since his father has become more quiet. He rarely opens up to anyone except his brother Jubei.

Status: Hitokiri Elite
Background: Jubei was always close to his brother Kage as a child, trying to outclass him and push him to his limits every second of every day. He did this on purpose, knowing that one day, his brother would have to lead his people, and he had better be prepared.
Character: Jubei has a fierce reputation as a swordsman, and he is always alert and suspicious, never taking any risks when he can avoid them. He's usually found close to either his father or Kage, as he believes there are still people out there wanting to remove them from the seat of leadership. His greatest fear is to see his family fail and witness his people plunge into civil war once more.

Lord Godfrey (credited to Alex)
Status: Margrave of the Northern Shore
Background and Character: Lord Godfrey leads the northern garrison, an army of grizzled veteran warriors who have had to almost constantly fight off the perils of the North. He and his men have taken on aspects of their enemies over the years, and as such are somewhat more 'barbaric' than the average conscript. Lord Godfrey is no exception. He can go into a berserk rage like the fabled warriors of the North that they fight. He is skilled with most melee weapons, particularly the sword and the lance, but disregards ranged weapons as 'coward's tools'. His preferred method of attack, frontal assaults, can sometimes cause heavy casualties on his side. Lord Godfrey is very courageous, and will fight against seemingly impossible odds to emerge victorious.

Lord Marcus Andelmere
Known as: 'the Grinder'
Status: Lord of Andelmere, Admiral of the Royal Fleet
Background: Marcus has always been a soldier. By the time James the Black was conquering the North-Western Hinterlands, Marcus had become a garrison commander. He gained his knighthood by holding off a barbarian siege for months until he was finally relieved by the Lord James' host. Later he would crush the mysterious sea peoples who dared raid the Kingdom's shores. It gained him the title of Admiral and protector of Andelmere, the Kingdom's largest trade city.
Character: Marcus is harsh and unforgiving. He follows the law to the letter. He often petitions the King to allow him to lead an expedition North, believing the Kingdom shouldn't be sitting still. Forever restless, he often takes to the sea to hunt down pirates. Marcus' reputation has gained him respect, but not love from the populace.

Sorceress Mordra
Status: Mage-in-service
Background Mordra's origins are unknown, but she has travelled the lands for years, attempting to warn the people of a 'coming doom' before finally settling down at Andelmere. Tired of being seen as nothing but a raving prophet, she sought out a man with influence to convince the King to take measures. Lord Marcus was the only one who would accept her as his subject, but even with his help, no one would listen to her warnings.
Character: Mordra is very seductive and charming and will use these traits to get what she wants. The sorceress is not a welcome sight to many, as she would often claim to be able to see inside people's souls and minds, and read their future. Commoners seek her out for wisdom and help, while nobles shun her almost entirely, seeing her as nothing less than dangerous.

Sir Pablo (credited to FISH!!!)
Status: Leader of the Golden Lions, ruler of Gelron
Background: Sir Pablo's origins can only be guessed. He first appeared when the Golden Lions were leaderless and about to fall to infighting, being appointed as their leader by the King himself. Though the King claimed the man had saved his life on a hunt, no one had seen him or even heard his accent at that time, despite Sir Pablo possessing the clear physique, upbringing and skills of a knight.
Character: Sir Pablo is always on edge, attempting to hide every little detail about himself, even his peculiar accent. He is sociable to people that are unwilling to dig into his past however, and enjoys a good hunt. He's also taken to great pains to rid Gelron of the bandits and other menaces that plague the area surrounding it and is appreciated by the populace because of this.

Lord James the Black (credited to Silent Sigfig)
Status: Feudal ruler of Blackdawn, Leader of the Black Knights, Lord-in-name of the North-Western hinterslands
Background: While the rest of the kingdom was off fighting off the Goldspear rebellion, Lord James was off conquering the north-western hinterlands. Vast forests and less-than-friendly natives led to the lasting image of untamable territory. Lord James begged to differ. The subjugation of the Eastern Hinterlands at the hands of his army took many, painful years, but in the end the kingdom's domain stretched from the Western mountains to the North-western seas. While stories of the atrocities committed by his soldiers chill the bones of even the most coldhearted men, James the Black was made lord of the North-western hinterlands by the king himself and still is in name, even though those lands have been overrun by the Bull migration and he and his knights have fallen back to their original feudal region of Blackdawn.
Character: Having nothing better to do, Lord James sometimes hunts Bulls our outlaws for sport. His lands are mostly barren, eerie and quiet, and most travelers try to avoid them. Smoke is often seen rising from the woods whenever Lord James returns from a raid. Other than being a powerful, raw swordsman, Lord James the Black is an expert tactician.

Roaming Knights
Names: Back row: Sir Jarvis the Underhanded, Sir Almond the Cunning, Sir Dillan the Fierce Middle: Sir Yagan the Young, Sir Egon the Quick, Sir Alamar the Resilient Front: Sir Barad the Ungiving, Sir Marcriss the Unyielding
Status: Knights of the Realm
Background: The Knights of the Realm are men who aren't given any (substantial) territory upon receiving their knighthood, but are rather sent out into the land almost as an 'independent security force', working on their own to guard the King's laws. This particular band known as 'the Roaming Knights' has traveled together and spread the King's justice across Westeron, succesfully completing countless missions and ridding the Kingdom of many of its enemies.
Character: Though each knight has his own traits, Knights of the Realm are typically just and chivalrous, and a welcome sight to any inhabitant of the Kingdom who finds himself in need of aid.

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Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 4:17 pm
by Zahru II
So much win, wikify it! wikify eeeeeeeeeeet!

Edit: Time to put my character sheet together as well.

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Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 4:37 pm
by Zupponn
Damn, and this isn't even everyone, is it?

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Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 7:47 pm
by Ben-Jammin
So awesome! Lord Godfrey and James the Black are my favorites.

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Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2012 12:34 pm
by Bragallot
Zupponn wrote:Damn, and this isn't even everyone, is it?
Indeed. The Royalists are easily the largest faction though, they kinda dwarf the others (save for Kerrat maybe).

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Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2012 2:44 pm
by Alex
This is awesome! :shock: :guinness:

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Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 7:06 am
by Killer Karetsu
Haha don't worry Subute..your wish will come true :)

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Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 4:11 pm
by Bragallot

The most important nobles and knights of the Eastern state of Kerrat.

Lord Junatan
Status: High Magister, virtual ruler of Kerrat
Background: Junatan was an extremely talented student of the Magus Guild, but was eventually denied further learning from the school by Queen Lara, who deemed him far too dangerous to wield such power. Junatan traveled to Kerrat and was an accomplished mage by the time he got there, easily passing the Test of Truth. Junatan has been slowly working his way up the ladder and his vie for more cooperation between the powers that rule Kerrat has fallen well with the populace. Nobles have benefited from working with him as well, making him virtually the most powerful man in Kerrat.
Character: Junatan is very ambitious and has grand plans for everything. He is silver-tongued, possessing an exceptional talent for making others see it his way, and he has the power and intelligence to back it up. This comes in handy, as he prefers to let others do the dirty work for him.

High Magisters of Kerrat
Status: Rulers of the inner city
Known as: Ice, Earth, Lightning
Background: The High Magisters are powerful battle mages. Each one of them has developed his magic ability in his own way and passed the Test of Truth, a requirement for joining their Order. They are the most influential people in the inner city of Kerrat and rule from Maralissa Palace. Contrary to the Magus Guild, they do not teach the art of magic, preferring to spend their time on matters of state.
Characters: Wearing the ornate white armour reserved to the High Magisters alone, every one of them carries himself with an air of pride and dignity. The High Magisters have recently worked together with the newest member of their Order, Junatan, closely, using all of their influence to help him fulfill his political dreams.

Lord Grahel Deverre
Status: Protector of the Deverre family, Lord of Crowfort
Background: The Deverre family was already the most wealthy and influential noble house when Lord Grahel ascended to the role of protector, and his leadership has done nothing to change this, on the contrary. Rather than sticking to knightly business alone, Grahel began to get involved with the day-to-day affairs of the nation, most importantly trade. This gave his family an edge and saw it become not only powerful, but also loved, save for some merchants who think Grahel is in over his head. With their current power, this hardly means a threat to the knightly order at all though.
Character: Lord Grahel is cunning and intelligent. He spins his plots for ages waiting for the ideal moment to strike and this has made his family the biggest and most powerful in Kerrat. If you cross him, he'll hit you in a way you'll never see coming, but if you support him he'll see to it you benefit from it as well. Grahel has a great military mind and respectable skills but has laid down the sword for some time by now, claiming a lot of people possess a mind fit for military business, but few possess a mind for matters of state, and he'd rather focus on the right thing.

Sir Fabian Deverre
Status: Lord Grahel's Heir
Background: Lord Grahel has many sons, of which Fabian is the eldest and thus his heir. This has Lord Grahel worried, for Fabian never really excelled as a knight or as a leader, and sees belonging to royalty more as a gift than as a duty. Fabian often brags about how everything will be better under his rule when drunk and openly mocks the other knightly orders, which has gotten him in more trouble than he seems to realize.
Character: Whereas Grahel is a patient, cunning man, Fabian is brash and arrogant, spoiled by the riches his heritage has brought him. Despite his failures, his self-confidence remains huge as ever, but no one really takes him seriously. He fails to see this, however.

Lord Skarr
Status: Eagle Marshal
Background: Skarr was already a promising knight when Lord Grahel first became protector. He was once far more lively, until he was caught by desert nomads and spent a month in imprisonment, where he gained his scars. Since then, he became a completely different man. He proved his worth in Grahel's campaign against the desert tribes and served as second-in-command for a while. It came as no surprise that Grahel promoted Skarr to Marshal when the former chose to devote his mind to matters of state. Following his appointment as marshal, Skarr spent his time developing his magic skills and over time became a powerful mage knight.
Character: He is a quiet man, but his counsel is never far off when it is required. He is always calm and respectful, rarely showing any kind of emotion. Skarr has an exceptional mind for tactics, but often respects other's opinions even when he realizes they're in the wrong.

Status: Second-in-command of the Eagle Knights, Battle Mage
Background: Laura traveled the far reaches of Westeron and trained herself to become a mage, and when she deemed she was ready she returned to take the Test of Truth that would make her a Magister. Her world shattered when she failed the Test narrowly however, but just as she was about to leave Kerrat for good Laura was offered a job in the Eagle Knight's army. Though not officially a knight, she managed to become the Second-in-command, likely because she taught marshal Skarr as well as several other high-ranking Eagle knights magic abilities.
Character: Laura is a perfectionist. She hates to be reminded of her failure to complete the Test of Truth and has been ever touchy since the incident. It has convinced her to push herself to her limit every second of every day, and she takes every opportunity to prove herself. Laura carries apparent resent towards the High Magisters, believing them to be no better than her.

Sir Jaiko
Status: Eagle Knight
Background: Born from minor nobility, Sir Jaiko saw tough times as a page, always mocked for being 'closer to being a swineherd than a knight'. He always ignored the mockery however, and worked hard to become one of the best knights among the Eagle Knights. Lord Grahel sometimes leaves Jaiko in command on smaller missions, and the knight rarely disappoints.
Character: Sir Jaiko is rather nonchalant and easy-going as far as knights go. Though he is not bitter towards those who mocked him, he subtly reminds them of their mistakes when they praise him now. The knight is quite flamboyant, as can be seen from his strangely dyed and styled hairdo. He enjoys sparring and typically gets along well with even those men belonging to other orders, though he thinks the Crimson knights are sometimes a bit humourless.

Sir Jorne
Status: Eagle Knight
Background: Sir Jorne is the most recent addition to the Eagle Knight's ranks. He's so far struggled to take his place, but little by little his abilities are expanding.
Character: Jorne is a typically chivalrous knight who believes in the ideals of knighthood and often loses his sense of reality. He's never seen any true combat yet, but is all too eager to prove himself. This can only end one way.

Duchess Angelica
Status: Crimson Protector, Lady of Grimkeep.
Background: Angelica was promised to the Lord of Grimkeep before she was even born. She spent an isolated youth in the Grimkeep, rarely being allowed to see the sun. When her husband died, Angelica refused to step down despite her lack of an heir and took over his role as Protector. She has since carried on the traditional ways of her order, largely isolating the Crimson Knights from most of the surrounding lands and rarely getting publicly involved with the others.
Character: Angelica is headstrong and stubborn, but not unintelligent. So far she has managed to retain a high level of authority even among the notorious Crimson knights and shown to be a capable, if not very innovative, leader. As the first female Crimson Protector in history, she requires it to be perfectly clear people have to take her seriously although she's a woman. To underline this statement, Angelica is always seen wearing armour.

Lord Goeting
Status: Crimson Marshal, Lord of Szyl
Background: Lord Goeting was originally a commoner mercenary who fought shortly in the campaigns of Lord James the Black when he was still just a kid. When the war died down, he traveled to Kerrat, where he became a reputed arena fighter who has remained undefeated until this day. He was soon noticed and received offers from all knightly orders. Eventually he joined the Crimson knights, likely because their Commander at the time was very old and he had a bigger chance at leadership with them. By the time the Commander finally died, Lord Goeting had proven to everyone he was the most capable for the task.
Character: Dark, cunning and charismatic, Lord Goeting is everything a Crimson commander has to be. He is probably the only Crimson knight who's popular with the populace, largely because of his great jousting abilities. He is also a common advisor to Duchess Angelica in matters of state. It is believed he wishes to marry her to become the Protector of the Crimson Knights after Angelica's death, and though he has never openly proclaimed this wish, this has brought him at odds with Count Adam.

Count Adam
Status: Noble, Lord of Frostfall
Background: Count Adam used to be an influential Crimson knight at Grimkeep's court until Angelica became Protector and sent him away, for she had never liked the man, and for good reason. Finding it scandalous that a woman could become Protector, Count Adam has done everything in his power to undermine her leadership and prove that he would be the better man for the job. He has some support among the nobles, since he always seems to know what's going on at the Grimkeep. Lord Goeting has proven to be a worthy adversary in this game, often thwarting the Count's twisted plots.
Character: He is a cold, harsh, and prejudiced man who is disliked by the peasants, who all live in fear of him. Though he is almost too old to stand up to the challenge, he tries to cross and outmatch Lord Goeting at every turn, making them rivals. Despite his obvious hatred for her, the Count has offered to marry Angelica on many occasions to inherit her title, and each time she has profoundly refused.

Dame Cassandra
Status: Second-in-command of the Crimson Knights
Background: No one truly knows where she originated from. All that is known is that Cassandra was once a powerful mage who traveled the countryside until she offered her loyalty to the Crimson knights in exchange for knighthood. Seeing the benefits of having a female sorceress on her side who would prove women are capable as well, Angelica granted her her wish, further enraging Lord Adam. Since she joined the Crimson Knights Cassandra has taught the beginnings of magic to several apprentices, including the dark knight Xalen, but she refuses to teach them anything past the basics.
Character: Though reportedly once a stunning woman, it is claimed Cassandra's usage of the Black Arts has scarred her visage, so she always hides her face in public. She prefers to work alone and rarely makes public appearances. She is smart, but quickly riled.

Sir Xalen
Status: Third-in-command of the Crimson Knights
Background: Xalen was saved by an Eagle Knight at a young age when rampaging mages attacked his village, but his parents did not survive, thus the Eagle Knight took their place. He trained to become a Knight to get his vengeance even though he knew he was not like the others. One time the Knight's sons saw him training and beat him up for it, but seeing how bravely he had defended himself, his stepfather finally decided Xalen could become a knight. Tired of hearing how a quest for vengeance was unsuited for a knight, he left the Eagle Knights and joined the Crimson knights instead, where he was knighted, which caused a lot of friction between the two orders. Cunning, powerful and resilient, he easily became an officer.
Character: Xalen is silent, always hiding his face and emotions, but his sarcastic remarks are never far off. He refuses to fight in jousts or mock fights. The dark knight is often shunned by the Eagle Knights for turning down their order, but barely seems to take note of their existence. The only person Xalen seems to open up to on any level is Sir Garth. Xalen is extremely unforgiving and driven by a lust for vengeance. Often when he's not at Garth's side, people don't know where he is at all, though some claim he is always searching to further his power and hone his skills.

Sir Garth
Status: Protector and Marshal of the Dragon Knights
Background: The Dragon Knights are the only Kerratian order where titles are earned through vote instead of blood. As the son of one of the greatest Dragon Knights in recent history, Sir Garth was almost destined to become the next Protector. He took this attention very lightly and just did his thing, but ended up being the best choice nevertheless. Sir Garth is one of the few knights who can stand up to Lord Goeting in a fight and apart from Sir Jaiko the only one who has ever managed to unseat him in a joust.
Character: Garth has a very open personality. He is a very popular, young knight, always smiling and quipping. This might give him a false air of nonchalance, because actually Garth has an excellent eye for detail in everything that he does, as some of his more skilled peers have noticed. His best friend is the dark knight Xalen, despite the obvious difference between their personalities.

Lord Wrynn
Status: Second-in-command of the Dragon Knights, Lord of Dragontown
Background: Wrynn was expected to take the place of the last Commander before Garth emerged and took this place. Despite this, Wrynn carries no grudge towards his Commander whatsoever. He has carried on his task as second-in-command, and become a trusted adviser to the young knight, often helping him in situations where a little experience is required and reminding Garth of what his father would have done during the seldom occasions where the knight is at a loss.
Character: Wrynn is greatly respected, and he treats others with the same amount of respect. He often voices how he feels concerned younger knights are living their lives too fast, and often storming forward too blindly. Younger knights find this endlessly amusing, and though he tries to hide it, Lord Wrynn sometimes does too. Apart from being a worthy second-in-command, Wrynn is also adept at overseeing the day-to-day affairs of the Dragon Knight's surrounding lands and can be considered as something of a governor at times.

Sir Brockram
Status: Dragon Knight
Background: Born from a rich merchant family, Brockram was raised to realize he was always above the others. Feeling the life of a merchant wasn't challenging enough for him to deploy his enormous potential, he used his family's money to buy himself into the Dragon Knights. Though he struggled in his first years, Brockram continued to believe in himself and became a capable Dragon Knight.
Character: Sir Brockram is an ambitious braggart and sometimes seems rather simplistic because of it, but many believe his overbearing behaviour has a satirical edge to it and accept him for what he is, because he certainly doesn't lack for courage. His advice is usually taken very lightly however, for it commonly involves allowing him to charge off and deal with the entire opposition all by himself.

Sir Talaris
Status: Dragon Knight Lieutenant
Background: Sir Talaris was born from high nobility, and he expected to become Commander of the Dragon Knights because of it. Life has often reminded him that he chose the worst order to rely on his heritage for recognition, and, while an adequately skilled knight, he has failed to tread in his father's - who had been Commander for a short time until he'd gotten killed - footsteps.
Character: Sir Talaris is angry and frustrated, and takes pleasure in humiliating others. He is easily offended and quick to draw his blade, seeing everything as a personal insult. Sir Talaris is known for openly confronting his Commander. Garth usually shrugs his criticism off and has shown extreme patience with Sir Talaris, yet the young knight continues to feel extreme contempt towards him.

Status: Mage-in-service, Dragon Knight's Warrant Officer
Background: Lyonne claims to have been a wanderer for all his life until he, claiming he was sick of the solitude, journeyed to Kerrat to offer his services. Though he is clearly one of the mysterious Saah'di Mages (commonly known as 'Purple Mages'), he has refused to reveal any of their secrets or teach anyone. This has not stopped him from becoming a valuable asset to the Dragon Knights.
Character: Lyonne is quiet and reserved, preferring to observe rather than speak. Once he starts talking, however, the words flow out like a waterfall and it's easy to lose track of him. He is not ill-natured, but the signs of social isolation still show, as he is often the subject of jabs without seeming to realize it.

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Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 8:07 pm
by Silverdream
Was Fabian inspired by,_German_Emperor or is he just a Prince Charmless archetype?

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Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 10:54 pm
by Zupponn
These are very, very cool Brag. Can't wait for the next installment!

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Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 4:59 am
by Bragallot
Silverdream wrote:Was Fabian inspired by,_German_Emperor or is he just a Prince Charmless archetype?
He wasn't really inspired by him, but I guess you could compare them now that you mention it. The aristocracy tends to breed such dimwits :)

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Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 6:00 am
by lawmaster
Zupponn wrote:These are very, very cool Brag. Can't wait for the next installment!

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by Bragallot
The Dwellers

The Dwellers are descendants of the Wolfpack Guardians, the original feudal protectors of the Kingdom's border, whose place has now been taken by the Empire. In ancient times the Wolfpack refused to believe the undead threat had been contained and ventured North to seek out remnants of their enemies. For this, they were branded as deserters. They were believed to have long gone extinct, but signs and occasional glimpses of them are sometimes still discovered. Though not many are often seen together, it is estimated there may be a whole army of them spread out across the woods beyond he Kingdom. The Empire generally distrusts Dwellers, believing them to have become as savage as the Barbarians they fight during the many years their society has dwelled the northern reaches.

Miranda Oneshot
Status: Ranger Marshal
Background: The Dwellers are believed to be lead by a young beautiful woman who is sometimes seen by Imperial troops when they pass the border, but always quickly disappears when approached. Some soldiers claim she is a spy for the Bull tribes, others believe her to be watching over them. A cause for less strife is that she is likely a descendant of the nobles who accompanied the Wolfpack North, for she moves with the same grace and silence that made these nobles legendary.
Character: Miranda is calm and contained, always alert of her surroundings. Though still very young, she has a feeling of agelessness about her. She prefers dealing with problems as quickly as possible.

Elare Bearclaw
Status: Ranger General
Background: Bearclaw is the best ranger in the Dweller army, and he knows it. Well-experienced and talented, he has been a great teacher to Miranda since she took up the heavy burden of leadership.
Character: Elare likes to quip at other's misfortunes, but his intentions are never evil. His presence is almost certain to keep up the spirits of the other Dwellers.

Konrad the Wolf
Status: Wolfpack General
Background: Konrad traces his lineage back to the Wolfpack lords who first chose to abandon the Kingdom to continue their quest against evil. He has lived up to their reputation, often becoming a spearhead for any Dweller endeavor and making up for the lack of true raw fighters within the ranks.
Character: A stout, proud man, Konrad likes to refer to himself as a knight or a lord, which is an endless well of amusement for the Dwellers around him. Though he will not admit it, he sees the humour in this as well. Regardless, he often expresses his dream of returning to the Kingdom and reclaiming his birthright.

Status: Werebear Chieftain
Background: When caught in a hunting pit, Tangach was rescued by Elare. Never having seen a human up so close, Tangach ran home to tell the tale, only to be banished by his Werebear brethren, who saw the Dwellers as nothing more than invaders. Tangach studied the Dwellers long and hard and finally challenged his Chieftain for leadership, claiming the Dwellers meant no harm. He won the fight and his clan stopped fighting the Dwellers, but were chased away by the other Werebear clans because of it, which left Tangach's tribe with no other option but to join the Dwellers.
Character: Tangach isn't as aggressive as most werebears, but very protective of his friends. Though he's not able to speak the human language, he seems to understand it and can express himself through gestures and growls well enough. He is much more energetic than his allies, often willing to push on when others stop to rest.

Status: Dweller, Self-declared General of the Dwarves
Background: Mudi claims to have come from very far up North. When he encountered the Dwellers, he immediately asked if he could join them. Able to tell tales no Dweller had ever heard and brew ale better than anyone else, he quickly became popular among their ranks.
Character: Mudi is a loudmouthed, beer-swelling dwarf as typical as they come, but he also has a great mind for technology and design, which has been a great asset to the Dwellers. Mudi always gets into trouble, but it is accepted as a fact that he simply has terrible luck. Although he is the only dwarf in the Dwellers' company he insists this only means he deserves the rank of 'general' by default.

Status: Dweller, Giant
Background: The only thing Lorric remembers from his childhood is that he grew up in the Northern mountains, where he was likely abandoned somehow. Being a giant, he survived, also by magically getting in touch with nature. Choosing to venture south, he found people with a lot of respect for nature in the Dwellers, and chose to join them.
Character: Lorric is a great protector of nature, and his ability to almost literally communicate with the land has been a great asset to the Dwellers. He dislikes 'the iron men in their cities of stone' as he calls them and is sad because there are so few giants nowadays, but the company the Dwellers give him makes up for a lot. Lorric can go into a berserk rage when something (usually the destruction of nature) puts him off, and one had better not stand before him and his earth mace when he is.

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by tymon555
I'm awestruck that you wrote so much about them. This story will be awesome !