Traveler’s Society Bulletin: The Traveler’s Society Wants YOU!

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Traveler’s Society Bulletin: The Traveler’s Society Wants YOU!

Post by Bookwyrm » Thu Sep 17, 2020 10:49 pm

(Recommended Listening:)


Manuel: Hey out there, ladies and lads, Manuel Deddarm here, star of the hit CV show Monster Manuel, and I’m here today with the Partisans on behalf of the Traveler’s Society to talk to you about adventuring!


Manuel: The world we live in is a dangerous place. Monsters and enemies lurk around every corner, and every day around the globe, minifigs and villages are terrorized by creatures much stronger than them. That’s why we have adventurers! They help to keep the land safe from these threats, and perform a number of other important jobs too, like helping perform valuable exploration and field research on magic, monsters, and mysterious ruins and locations!


Manuel: Adventuring is a complicated and dangerous job, but with increased risk comes increased reward! The Society helps better facilitate quests and takes only a fraction of the hiring fee as compensation, the rest of which is paid directly to the adventurers, and they are also permitted to keep anything cool they find while exploring!


Manuel: So how does one become an adventurer? All you need to do is visit your nearest Traveler’s Society stall in your local market and pay the signup fee to register! But what kind of class should you register as? Well, let’s look at some of the different types of adventurer classes you can choose from!


Manuel: If combat is your bread and butter, no matter the weapon, you might want to register as a Fighter! A Fighter’s role is on the front line, overcoming their party’s foes with their superior skill and tactics!

Darius: Ha! Back, you fiend, before I skewer you like a wild boar!

Manuel: Adventurers that register as Fighters get access to the Traveler’s Society’s vast array of weapons and trainers, as well as local Fight Clubs where you can spar with other Fighters in your region!


Manuel: If up close and personal isn’t really your style, and you prefer to attack from a distance, then maybe Marksman is the class for you! Markmsen provide ranged support to a party, picking off priority targets and covering the backs of the melee members of their group.

Ambric: One shot, one kill…

Goblin: *high pitched screaming*

Manuel: As a Marksman, you’ll be allowed to test out all sorts of experimental Trick Ammunition, as well as get additional training and resources to help you become even more of a crack shot!


Manuel: But maybe you don’t want to even give your enemies a chance to know you’re there at all before striking! Or maybe you’re just really good with dealing with traps and other hidden hazards! If this sounds like you, consider taking up a position as a Rogue!

Teya: Nope! This one is a phony, better stand back if you don’t want to lose your hand!

Manuel: Rogues like me are masters of stealth, infiltration, and precision, and with the Traveler’s Society you’ll have access to the best experts in the field, as well as state of the art Toxicology Labs for working with the more dangerous aspects of the job like poisons and paralytics!


Manuel: But you may be wondering, “what about if I’m not one for all this slashing and stabbing! I’m not much of a physical powerhouse!” Well, fear not, because the Society has many magik-based classes to pick from as well, like the Mage, versatile enough to bridge the gap between arcane-all-arounder and highly specialized expert.

Mikael: Your power is mighty, but you are not as unshakeable as you wish to appear… Force Blast!

Manuel: All Traveler’s Society Mages are issued a standard library card for access to the Arcane Records, and are allowed to spend the time not occupied by adventuring performing critical research for your group’s next mission!


Manuel: Not all casters are into all of that book-learning however; if your magik comes from your faith in a higher power, we’ve got a place for you here too as a Cleric!

Frigyth: Back, wretches, the light of truth sears your dark souls! Turn Profane!

Demonling: Ahhhhh! It burnses us! *Hissss!*

Manuel: A good Cleric is the heart and soul of a party, and protects their companions with both healing and holy wrath! No matter which deity you venerate, the doors of a Sanctuary of Repite will always be open to you!


Manuel: “But Manuel,” I hear you saying, “I don’t care where the magik comes from, I just want to get my hands on as much lore as I absolutely can!” Well then, you sound like you would make a wonderful fit as a Bard, a keeper of all kinds of knowledge!

Emile: ♩♩ I call to thee; oh noble beast; with eyes of blue and scales of white! Your fire shall burn and bring their doom; come forth and show our foes your might! ♩♩

Manuel: Having a Bard on your side means you’ll never want for lack of lore, skilled labor, and entertainment during your travels, and Traveler’s Society Bardic Theaters are an excellent place to swap stories, songs, and information of every variety!


Manuel: And these are just a few of the categories of adventurer the Society offers employment to, many more exist, so if they didn’t seem to be quite the right fit, you could combine the strength of a physical class with an arcane one to work as a Paladin, or maybe a Monk! You could be a Warlock, or a Survivalist, or a Trickster! My good friend and party member Yeremy Fiddleford here is registered as a Mystic, and helps us out with his potions and alchemy!

Yeremy: Hello!

Manuel: The sky is the limit for what you can accomplish when you join the Traveler’s Society! So what are you waiting for? Adventure is waiting out there for you, we hope that you will join us!

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Re: Traveler’s Society Bulletin: The Traveler’s Society Wants YOU!

Post by Food_Truk » Sun Sep 20, 2020 11:01 am

I still love the tutorial feeling to this, especially with the examples of each class in combat. :studgod:
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