[YWU] I will need help judging this

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[YWU] I will need help judging this

Post by Archduke » Sat Aug 08, 2020 11:22 am


I wanted to make my own entry into the "You Want Us" contest, and in order to keep things fair I'm going to need other people to help me judge this stuff, or we could all just collectively ignore the original rules and decide as "the Anno Group" what we want to go with.

(Here is the flag I made for my entry by the way)

Also, I know the men are floating, but I made the stud.io model to be easily exported into a bricklink list, and to keep from having to buy the torso, arms and hands separately, I had to use the full assembly part which doesn't have articulated arms.
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Why would anyone get banned for this?
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