Zombie Outbreak - FINISHED

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Zombie Outbreak - FINISHED

Post by Moronstudios » Tue Apr 27, 2010 5:59 pm

Because there is a lot of pictures they are in links so as not to cause slow loading.

The places of each player:
1st: Dr Lukas (36 points)
2nd: Captain Remle (33 points)
3rd: Sheriff Texan: (32 points)
Last: Aurther Wiltlow: (died on round 6)

The sign up thread

Round 0
Town Overwatch

Aurther started out on the south side of the bridge.

Lukas started out at the docks.

Texan started in town

Remle started outside of town.

Round 1
In this round the first boss enemy appeared, a white super zombie.

Aurther walked onto the bridge and peeked through the arks.

Lukas missed his attack and got swarmed by a couple of skeletons.

Texan approached the town center.

Remle walked over to the box by the gate and found a hatchet. He decided to use the lid as a shield.

Round 2
In a stroke of bad luck for the players, the second boss enemy got spawned this round.

Aurther snuck behind the super Zombie and put a knife to its throat. The skeletons came over to attack as the super zombie turned around.

Lukas had run towards the dome to get away from the skeletons.

Texan The sheriff hid behind the car in town.

Remle walked south.

The peach squad got ready to fight.

Round 3

Aurther ran from the situation he was in towards the horse.

Lukas turned around and moved to help the explorer. In an excellent attack he destroyed the super zombie and damaged a skeleton.

Texan drove the car, even though the steering wheel was missing.

Remle picked up the radio and walked away from the skeletons.

The peaches advanced.

Round 4

Aurther oddly turned around and ran for the bridge stairs.

Lukas picked up the torch at the town well.

Texan and Remle got close to meeting each other.

The peach squad made it across the bridge and opened fire on the undead.

Round 5
In this round <a href='http://tinyurl.com/y42zurt'>alot</a> of zombies spawned

Aurther climbed to the top and tried not to be seen, but it was too late.

Lukas approached the dome.

Texan walked out of the ally as Remle passed by.

The peach squad sent their knife man after Aurther.

Round 6

Aurther, in haste climbed into the bridge tower. The floor boards broke under his weight. He got close to his secret mission to find the hidden crystal, which had been in the tower.

Lukas walked into the town as a zombie neared.

Texan climbed onto the horse. Remle tipped the water barrel over showing a pirate pistol, bow, quiver, and a golden telescope.

The peach squad was heavily hindered (this was very good for the players).

Round 7

Lukas burned the zombie and continued on towards the phone.

As Texan and Remle rode the horse they got swarmed by undead.

The peach squad was still fending off the undead.

Round 8
The giant crab arose from below the dock.

Lukas checked out the box behind him and found a katana and a knife.

Texan and Remle broke free from the undead.

The peach squad seemed like it might get a chance to do something.

The crab was hungry.

Round 9

Lukas droped the torch in the bamboo pit, causing an explosion. Then jumped on the car and hacked at some skeletons.

Remle and Texan arived as the bamboo exploded.

The peach squad's backup showed up.

The crab ate a zombie.

Round 10
The shopkeeper opened the weapon shop on this round.

Lukas kept fighting ontop the car.

Texan rode further into town and killed the shop keeper, completing the first part of his secret mission.

Remle got off the horse and jumped into the bar.

The crab continued its rampage as the peach shot at it.

The zombie slayers showed up.

Round 11

Lukas continued to fight.

Texan rode out of town.

Remle shot the zombie bar owner and ran to a spot where he hoped he wouldn't be seen.

The crab attacked the peach squad.

The zombie slayers managed to set the car on fire, even managing to get Dr. Lukas.

Round 12
The super zombie respawned

Lukas followed Texan

Remle took a look out of the bar to shoot a skeleton, who spotted him.

The peach squad killed the crab with a well placed shot.

The zombie slayer pyro set off the explosives in the weapon shop, causing the ruble to kill the ninja who was chasing Lukas.

Round 13

Lukas survied the attack from the super zombie as he followed Texan.

Texan rode into town and helped the zombie slayers, so they didn't attack him.

Remle got rid of the skeleton whom saw him, but stayed in the bar.

The zombie slayers went further into town.

The game was then over.
Thanks for reading.
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Post by RDC » Tue Apr 27, 2010 6:29 pm

Epic battle, I'd say. I'm glad to see another Zombie Survival battle and the town was very well-constructed. Great work!
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